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Leesa vs Purple: How Do the Two Mattresses Compare?

Purple and Leesa are two of the most popular bed-in-box mattress companies. Both have generated a lot of online hype and garnered a lot of positive reviews. But which mattress is really worth the hype? We give you the full breakdown with this in-depth Leesa vs Purple mattress comparison.

purple mattress comparison

Leesa vs Purple: 12 Things to Compare

  • Mattress Build
  • Firmness
  • Temperature control
  • Motion Transfer
  • Responsiveness
  • Bounce
  • Edge Support
  • Off-gassing
  • Sleep Trial
  • Shipping
  • Warranty
  • Price and Purple each offer two different mattress varieties—a foam option and a hybrid option with supportive pocket springs. In this Purple vs Leesa mattress comparison, we’re going to detail all four mattresses by comparing the Original Purple® Bed to the Leesa mattress and the Leesa Hybrid to the New Purple® Mattress.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between a foam and hybrid mattress, you can read up on the Original Purple Mattress vs new Purple Mattress for a better idea.

Leesa vs Purple: 12 Things to Compare

Pull up the covers and get comfortable, because we’re about to hop into our Leesa vs Purple mattress review. Both mattresses provide a good night’s sleep, but when it comes to making a long-term investment, there is a clear winner. Let’s find out how each mattress stacks up!

1. Mattress Build

The Leesa and Purple mattresses are different, so before we get into how cozy and comfortable they make you feel, we need to look at the materials and how they are made. In this comparison, we’re looking at four different mattresses and two different mattress types.

Let’s compare:

Mattress Type: Foam

The Original Purple Mattress:
Cover: Premium Stretch Cover
Comfort layer: The Purple Grid™ (made from high-quality Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material)
Base Layer: Dual-layer polyurethane foam
Total Thickness: 9.5 inches

The Leesa Mattress:
Cover: Seamless Four-Stripe cover
Comfort Layer: LSA-200™ Breathable Foam
Support Layer: Memory foam
Base Layer: High-density foam
Total Thickness: 10 inches

Mattress Type: Hybrid

The New Purple Mattress:
Cover: Premium StretchMax Cover
Comfort Layer: Customizable Purple Grid™ (made from high-quality Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material)
Innerspring Layer: Responsive support coils
Total Thickness: 11-13 inches (depends on the size of Purple Grid™)

The Leesa Hybrid:
Cover: Seamless Four-Stripe cover
Comfort Layer: LSA-200™ Breathable Foam
Support Layer: Memory foam
Innerspring layer: Active Response pocket springs
Total Thickness: 11 inches

The main differences between the Leesa and Purple mattresses are the comfort layer and support layer. Purple has developed an optimal solution that does not use memory foam, so your mattress lasts longer and stays cool all night long.

Both companies have invented their own smart comfort layers which can only be found in their mattresses. Purple’s now-famous Purple Grid is an open grid design made of temperature-neutral and responsive Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material. Leesa created a perforated foam layer with more bounce and breathability than average memory foam.

The Purple Grid™ layer offers a high degree of compression support and contouring performance with just as much bounce. It has also been praised for its unmatched pressure relief and temperature control. If you’re a hot sleeper, it doesn’t get much better.

Leesa’s comfort layer made of microcell foam (opposed to the typical open-cell foam) and feels less like memory foam than competing foam mattress brands. It’s cooler and more supportive than cheap memory foam — but it is still a support foam layer, which means it will sleep hotter and have less bounce than other types of mattress materials. Although, those who can’t get enough of the body-hugging memory foam feel will enjoy Leesa’s happy medium.


Purple and Leesa mattresses both fall into the medium-firm range, meaning both allow your body to sink into the mattress only about an inch. Medium-firm mattresses are ideal for average-sized people (between 120 lbs and 250 lbs). They are a great choice for those who sleep in the supine position and side position, as well as for combination sleepers (those who have multiple sleeping positions).

The Leesa is a little firmer than the Original Purple® Mattress, so it would make a good choice if you are heavier (over 250 lbs) and like to sleep on your stomach. Purple is a better choice than the Leesa for combination sleepers and especially side sleepers, who need a little more immersion. Purple recommends a maximum weight of 300 pounds per person for their mattresses (600 pounds total for couples).

Temperature Control

Leesa has done well with their breathable foam, but the Purple is the clear choice for hot sleepers.

It’s true that Leesa’s perforated foam provides better for airflow and cool sleep than typical support foam, but a foam mattress layer can’t compete with the Purple Grid™. Purple’s patented comfort layer is a responsive Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid which is totally open, meaning there is no resistance to airflow and nowhere for heat to be retained. Purple does not use any memory foam, so you can count on sleeping cool and comfortable throughout the night.

If night sweats or sleeping hot is a problem for you, the New Purple® Mattress is an ideal choice. This is a hybrid version of the Original Purple mattress, which includes responsive pocket coils and a customizable Purple Grid™ thickness. Since it contains less foam, it retains much less heat.

Motion Transfer

Excessive motion transfer can be a problem for couples who are light sleepers. Luckily, both of these mattresses have low motion transfer. Foam mattresses in general transfer less motion than traditional innerspring mattresses. The Purple Grid™ sits atop all Purple mattresses, isolating motion transfer. When your partner gets in or out of bed, you won’t be disturbed.

The Leesa and Purple hybrid models include the extra benefit of pocket coils. The Leesa Hybrid includes Active Response Pocket Springs, while the New Purple® Mattress comes with Responsive Support Coils. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses that have poor motion transfer due to the underlying springs being connected together, a pocket coil mattress is designed to minimize motion transfer. Each coil in the Purple® Mattress is isolated from the rest. When pressure is applied to the mattress, motion is contained and won’t spread across the entire mattress compared to a traditional innerspring mattress.

Overall, both Leesa and Purple mattresses are designed to minimize motion transfer. Foam mattresses may transfer slightly less motion than hybrids due to the lack of springs, so go for the Original Purple® Mattress if you’re an extremely light sleeper.


Purple mattresses are slightly more responsive than Leesa mattresses. This means they are great at contouring to each part of your body and provide the optimal level of support and pressure relief. The Purple™ Grid offers unrivaled responsiveness, and no other mattress brand has this feature.

The Leesa is still quite responsive, and with a 3-inch layer of comfort padding, it’s a good choice for some heavier sleepers (over 250 lbs). Though, heavy sleepers who want the responsiveness of the Purple™ Grid can choose the New Purple® Mattress and opt for a 2-inch, 3-inch, or 4-inch Purple™ Grid.


No one wants to feel like they’re sleeping on a cold, hard surface, especially when it comes to engaging in “nighttime activities,” if you know what we mean. Bounce can also make it easier to get into and out of bed, which is important for elderly sleepers.

The Purple mattress has the advantage here as its smart comfort layer is not made of foam but of dynamic response gel. This is why it’s often referred to as the best mattress for couples. The Leesa is a foam bed, and these tend to have less bounce. Still, Leesa’s puffy comfort layer may offer more bounce than some foam mattresses.

To increase the bounce factor, opt for the New Purple® Mattress. The Responsive Support Coils will provide you with a nice bounce without transferring motion across the bed.

Edge Support

If you sleep on the edge of the bed (or get pushed there by a bed-hogging partner), it’s good to have a solid border to prevent a loss of support.

Foam mattresses are typically not known for having excellent edge support. In this area, the Leesa mattress and the Original Purple® Mattress perform fairly well. The hybrid options perform much better, thanks to the support provided by the pocket springs. With coils reinforcing the upper comfort layers, edge support is more adequate.

The New Purple® Mattress is the clear winner when it comes to edge support. In addition to Purple’s Responsive Support Coils, the mattress also includes a dense foam perimeter around the top layer. This foam border greatly improves edge support and overall structural support.


Off-gassing is a harmless but unpleasant smell that can accompany foam mattresses for a few days after the initial unboxing. The Leesa mattresses contain more foam and are more likely to release off-gassing odors. The Original Purple® Mattress, while containing foam, does not off-gas. All Leesa and Purple mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified and have undergone rigorous testing for health and safety standards.

The All-New Purple® Mattress once again comes out on top. With the Purple Grid supported by Responsive Support Coils, the mattress contains almost no poly foam and you will not experience any off-gassing.

Sleep Trial

Getting used to a new mattress can take time, so most companies offer a risk-free sleep trial during which you can test the waters and return the mattress for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Both Purple and Leesa offer a 100-night sleep trial, and both cover shipping and pick-up charges for returns.


Both companies offer free delivery for all of their mattresses. The Leesa and Purple mattresses are bed-in-box-style mattresses, which means they ship compressed in a box or bag. It is the sleeper’s job to open the mattress and allow it to decompress. This usually takes about 24 hours.

Both companies offer white glove set-up service and old mattress removal for their hybrid mattresses at additional cost.

Leesa and Purple mattresses typically arrive at your home within 7 days of order. The New Purple® Mattress may take an extra week to arrive, depending on the mattress dimensions and selected size of the Purple® Grid.


Purple and Leesa both offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties cover defects and don’t cover accidental damage to the mattress. We highly recommend you purchase a protective mattress cover regardless of which bed you choose.


Mattresses aren’t cheap, but luckily, both of these brands are much more affordable than most alternatives. Take a look at the prices below.

Mattress SizePrice
 Original PurpleLeesaAll-New Purple.2Leesa Hybrid
Twin XL$699$695$1299$1195
Full (Double)$899$855$1499$1395
California King$1299$1195$1899$1895

As you can see, the prices are quite similar. The biggest difference in price between some of the mattresses is around $100, which isn’t much when deciding on the best mattress for your bedroom.

When you look at the most popular bed size — which is the queen size, we can see that the Purple Original and Leesa are about the same, whereas the Leesa Hybrid is about $100 more expensive than the New Purple Mattress. Purple also includes a free gift, allowing you to select a free Purple® Pillow or Purple™ Sheets.

It’s important to remember that both companies often have mattress offers and occasional sales to make their products even more affordable.

Leesa vs Purple Mattress Review: The Verdict

While Leesa makes fine mattresses that get plenty of good mattress reviews, in the end, the Purple mattresses have more industry-topping features and can provide a better overall sleep experience. Leesa is a bit less immersive and has less customizable options compared to the New Purple® Mattress.

When choosing a high-quality mattress, there are many different factors to consider. Purple and Leesa are both solid options, but if you need to make an investment in your health and wellbeing, Purple holds up better. First, the Purple™ Grid is more durable than Leesa’s foam comfort layer, and it’s not nearly as susceptible to mold and liquid damage as foam.

When it comes to comfort, Purple doesn’t disappoint. It’s more responsive, breathable, provides better pressure relief, and offers more support for spinal alignment. This goes for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers.

Whether you prefer a foam mattress, or one supported by pocketed coils, keep in mind that both the Original Purple® Mattress and the New Purple® Mattress come with the patented Purple™ Grid comfort layer. Unique in the sleep industry and still unrivaled for support, breathability, responsiveness, and comfort, the Purple™ Grid can allow you to get a great night’s sleep when you crawl into bed.