Accident Ready

The life of a kid is messy. Which is why we’ve created this essential pairing for your kid’s mattress – the Purple® Mattress Protector. Whether it’s a nighttime accident or spilled food and drinks, the mattress protector is designed to keep their mattress looking like new, so everyone can sleep with peace of mind.

Accident Ready

Dual-Layer Protection

Not only prevents spills from soaking through to their mattress, but dissipates them so they won't create a puddle.

Exceptionally Comfy

Kids can still experience the full comfort of their mattress with stretchy fabric that’s so comfy, they’ll forget it’s there.

Surprisingly Quiet

It’s stretchy, flexible, and won’t crinkle like plastic with every move, so they can snooze peacefully without disturbance.

Five-Sided Dual-Layer Defense

Keep their mattress protected from messes on the top and sides! The mattress protector is made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness won't soak through.

Liquid Defense