Accident Ready

The life of a kid is messy. Which is why we’ve created this essential pairing for your kid’s mattress – the Purple® Mattress Protector. Whether it’s a nighttime accident or spilled food and drinks, the mattress protector is designed to keep their mattress looking like new, so everyone can sleep with peace of mind.

Accident Ready

Dual-Layer Protection

Not only prevents spills from soaking through to their mattress, but dissipates them so they won't create a puddle.

Exceptionally Comfy

Kids can still experience the full comfort of their mattress with stretchy fabric that’s so comfy, they’ll forget it’s there.

Surprisingly Quiet

It’s stretchy, flexible, and won’t crinkle like plastic with every move, so they can snooze peacefully without disturbance.

Five-Sided Dual-Layer Defense

Keep their mattress protected from messes on the top and sides! The mattress protector is made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness won't soak through.

Liquid Defense




Sided Protectiongroup-15



Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Dual-Layer Protection” Mean?

Purple’s unique dual-layer protection serves two purposes

1. To protect your mattress from spills and other liquids and,
2. To dissipate liquid so it doesn’t pool uncomfortably.

The top of the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector is slightly absorbent so that it dissipates the liquid, while the bottom is water-resistant so that liquid doesn’t soak through to the mattress. The protector is also stain-resistant and machine washable so it’s super easy to clean when accidents do happen!

If the Kid Mattress cover is washable, do I really need a mattress protector?

Absolutely! Life will be a lot easier having an additional layer of protection for their bed and we all know that spills and messes are bound to happen. You’ll thank yourself later.

Does the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector sleep cool?

The Purple® Mattress Protector is designed to not trap heat so your kid can enjoy the cool sleep of their Purple® Kid Mattress.

Is this a waterproof mattress protector? Is the protective layer one, five, or six-sided?

The Purple® Kid Mattress Protector has dual-layered water-resistant protection on five sides, which means not only is the top protected, but so are all the sides (just in case of spills that go over the edge).

Does the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector protect from bed bugs?

The Purple® Kid Mattress Protector is not bed bug proof, as it does not cover the mattress on all six sides. However, all five sides it does cover have a dust mite, dander, and water-resistant barrier!

How do you clean the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector?

How to clean Mattress Protector: The Purple® Kid Mattress Protector can be machine washed cold and tumble dried on low.

If you’re wondering how to wash a mattress protector and how often to wash a mattress protector, the answer largely depends on your circumstances. As for how to wash mattress protector, we recommend you refer to the care tag on the protector itself but washing and drying on low temperatures is generally recommended. As for how often you should wash the mattress protector, it’s recommended that you wash it at least every two months — more if you have pets or it gets dirty.

How long is the warranty for the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector?

The Purple® Kid Mattress Protector is warrantied for 10 years after purchase — just like the Purple® Mattress!

Can I return the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector if I’m not satisfied?

You can return the Mattress Protector for up to 30 days after it’s delivered if you’re not completely satisfied. You’ll be responsible for return shipping.

What are the materials in the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector?

Liquid-Absorbent Layer: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Protective Water-Resistant Coating: 100% TPU Polyurethane

What is a Mattress Protector?

A Mattress Protector is a waterproof or water-resistant cover you put on your mattress to block liquid from soaking through and ruining your mattress.

The Purple® Kid Mattress Protector is unique with it’s dual-layer design that blocks spills, but doesn’t let the liquid pool uncomfortably. It’s stain-resistant and easily cleaned.

What is the best mattress protector for me?

The best waterproof mattress protector is one that not only keeps your mattress clean from all the messes life throws at it, is a cooling mattress protector, and also allows you to feel the full comfort of your mattress.

Meet the Purple® Kid Mattress Protector: The dual-layer 5-sided water-resistant protection blocks spills and accidents from ruining your kid’s mattress, it stays cool, AND it stretches to let their body interact with their mattress the way it was intended. Plus, it doesn’t crinkle with every move so they can sleep peacefully.