A Duvet for Every Season

Snuggle up with the luxuriously soft Purple Duvet. Sleep cooler with the airy, Lightweight Purple Duvet, or get cozy in any weather with the heavier All Season Purple Duvet.


Lightweight Duvet

The lighter fill and breathable fabric is perfect for staying cozy without sleeping hot.


All Season Duvet

The heavier fill is the perfect snuggle buddy when you want to stay cozy in any weather.


Duvet Loops


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a duvet cover for the Purple™ Duvet?

The Purple Duvet does not require a duvet cover, but we highly recommend you use one. A duvet cover helps keep the best duvet inserts clean and is easy to remove and wash. Plus, the Purple Duvet has handy corner loops to help keep a cover in place.

How do I wash the Purple™ Duvet?

Dry clean only. Use of a duvet cover is highly recommended.

Is there a warranty for the Purple™ Duvet?

The Purple Duvet is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Can I return the Purple™ Duvet if I’m not satisfied?

You can return the Purple Duvet within 30 nights of the delivery date

What is the Purple™ Duvet made of?

The fill of the Purple™ Duvet is 100% polyester down alternative and the cover is 100% cotton for soft, breathable comfort.

What is a duvet blanket?

A duvet blanket is a soft quilt or comforter filled with down, feathers, or alternative-down synthetic fibers (like the Purple Duvet). It is highly recommended that you put a duvet cover on your duvet to help keep it clean since the duvet cover is easy to remove and wash. Decorative duvet covers are also great for customizing the look of your bed set!