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How to Make More Money and Sleep Better

Let’s begin with a poem —

Sleep and money…money and sleep,
The two nagging things you forever keep
In the back of your busy, day-dreaming mind
But did you know they’re quite intertwined?

Forbes, Washington Post, and The Guardian agree,
That getting good sleep grows a money tree.
The trick has been under your nose all along,
If you’re not stoked to sleep now, you’re reading this wrong.

Thanks folks! I’ll be here all week. But in all seriousness, the amount of money you make could be directly influenced by not only the quantity, but the quality of sleep you get.

Man with glasses dreaming on a money pillow.

Better Sleep Could Help You Make More Money

It’s true that “money never sleeps,” but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t! One study has shown that areas within a time zone that enjoy an earlier sunset, also enjoy a higher median income. The study suggests that over time, a worker could see a wage increase as much as 4.9 percent with just one extra hour of sleep per week. This is contributed to the residents natural inclination to go to bed earlier, resulting in being:

  • Better rested
  • More focused
  • More productive
  • More efficient at work.

Of course, snoozing longer and better is only half the battle. Once you start feeling the benefits from maximizing your sleep, it’s up to you to channel all that extra energy and focus into your work to reap the financial benefits.

Maximize Your Sleep to Maximize Your Paycheck

Before you up and move to the east side of your time zone, there are less drastic solutions. Jeffrey Shrader, co-author of the study, hits it right on the nose when he says, “If you want to sleep more, there are better ways to do it than moving house – just buy better curtains.” Fabricating an earlier bed time does the job just as well as an earlier sunset.

The key to getting more efficient sleep is a controlled environment and a set schedule. I’ve laid out a few simple steps to up your sleeping game, so you can focus on bringin’ home more bacon!

Illustration of man sleeping on money, dreaming of money in bubbles with brain in background.

Feng Shui Your Sleep Environment

You may be wondering, “how do I make more money by rearranging my bedroom?” It’s simple: your bedroom should be your Fortress of Solitude, not a haphazard Room of Requirement. If you optimize your room for effective sleep, your brain will react accordingly, making it easier for to fall into a faster, deeper sleep.

Bright daytime (bluish) lights signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up when it should be powering down. The lighting in your room should be warm and soft. Swap out your regular light switch for an inexpensive, easy-to-install dimmer switch and opt for warmer, dimmable bulbs.

Your body interprets cooler temperatures as nighttime, which enables a smooth transition into sleep mode. suggests the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since we’re on the topic of temperature, a hot bath a couple hours before bed will also help you get to sleep. explains “when you soak in a hot tub, your temperature rises — and the rapid cool-down period immediately afterward relaxes you.”

Your mattress might be one of the most overlooked factors of getting great sleep. Unless it’s especially horrific or amazing, most people don’t give much thought to their mattress. The best mattress for optimizing your sleep is one that is both comfortable and supportive — it supports your body’s natural curvature, while relieving pressure on your hips and shoulders.

As life moves quickly around you, it’s easy to let your room become a dumping ground or a storage room, but you might not realize all that clutter is cluttering your mind as well. Your mind responds to your environment, so a tidy room makes for a tidy mind, making it easier to slip into a rejuvenating slumber.

Large tidy bedroom with purple decor and lamps

Stick to a Schedule

If you’re working hard to bring in the big bucks, chances are your sleep schedule, well…it just doesn’t exist. You might even see sleep as a chore that gets in the way of your productivity, when in reality your lack of sleep could really be putting a damper on crossing things off your to-do list.

Getting to Bed on Time
Getting to bed around the same time every night is key. A consistent sleep schedule allows your body to get into a routine, which leads to it being more awake and alert when it needs to be…like at work.

Waking Up on Time
Just as important as getting to bed on time is waking up at the same time, even if you don’t need to. As tempting as it can be to sleep in on the weekends, doing so can mess up your hard work to stabilize over the week. Staying up and waking up later on your days off creates something called “social jet lag,” making it difficult to get back into the swing of things when you get back to work.

And forget that snooze button! It may feel like your friend, but it’s actually just really confusing to your body and the sleep cycles it loves so much.

Gold old-fashioned alarm clock surrounded by gold coins

Setting up good habits will take some effort, but most worthwhile endeavors do. According to, getting on a good sleep schedule can be broken down to these basic steps:

  • Be consistent
  • Make gradual adjustments
  • Mind the lighting (at night and in the morning)
  • Skip the snooze button
  • Watch when and what you eat

Bringing Home the Bacon

Sleep isn’t for the weak anymore, it’s for the prosperous. Whether it’s by optimizing your bedroom, your schedule, or both, make better sleep your priority. Your body and your wallet will thank you.

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