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How to Set Up Your Purple Mattress

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    Before experiencing the best sleep of your life, congratulations are in order – for investing in the rest that you deserve.

    Purple Mattress Set Up Video

    The following video provides a guide on how to properly unbox and set up your mattress so you can get life-changing sleep.

    Purple Mattress Set Up Instructions:

    1. Unboxing: Your Purple mattress comes in a compact, vacuum-sealed package. Before breaking the seal, carefully place the package in the room where you intend to set up the mattress.
    2. Positioning: Position the package on the bed frame or foundation you plan to use, then proceed to open the package by carefully cutting the plastic wrapping. Be careful not to cut into the mattress itself.
    3. Unrolling: Once the plastic wrapping is removed, the mattress will quickly begin  unrolling and expanding – be sure to correctly position the mattress on the bed frame or foundation with adequate room for full expansion. This avoids the need to move the mattress after it has fully expanded. 
    4. Blooming: Allow the mattress to bloom for 4-6 hours – a process in which the mattress layers bounce back after being compressed. The full bloom period may take up to 24 hours.
    5. Bedding: Feel free to place your bedding on the mattress as it blooms.  Any scents that may accompany your mattress and its packaging are normal and will quickly dissipate. 
    6. Sleeping: Once your mattress has fully bloomed, lay back into pressure-relieving support and cooling comfort night after night after night. 

    Your best sleep. Your best you. Welcome to deeply restorative rest. 

    For any additional questions, reach out to our Sleep Geniuses at 888-848-0248.

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