The Purple Seat Cushion Is Saving
Sad Butts Everywhere!

    The world's most comfortable seat cushion. Seriously.
    Life is a pain in the gluteus. Now sitting doesn't have to be.
    Open airflow design keeps your keister cool and comfortable.
    Purple Seat Cushions keep their shape and never leave a booty impression.

Do You Have Butt Problems?

When I say butt problems, I mean does your derriere:

Pinching pain

have a pinching pain on either cheek?

Back pain

give you back pain at the end of the day?

Poor circulation from sitting

feel like circulation is being cut off?

Sweating when sitting

feel like it has its own sauna?

Long have the needs of our precious posteriors been neglected by hard chairs that pinch, squeeze, and suffocate.

No More!

The solution to the pain in your butt has finally arrived!

Royal seat cushion

Nobody Loves Your Heinie More Than We Do

We’ve heard the complaints of your behind, your derriere, and your buttocks, and we’ve heard them loud and clear.

We’ve applied over 26 years of sleep and comfort experience and technology to give you the cushiest tush on the planet.

How Well Does It Work?

The Purple Seat Cushion is strong enough to support all your rump weight, yet it’s soft enough to keep an egg from breaking.

Why Does It Work So Well?

The secret is in the material and construction. Sit on your most unforgiving chairs and you will still have the happiest tail in town.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer™

The material that makes Purple® what it is. Who knew comfort could be so incredibly stretchy and incredibly durable?

Pressure-Releasing Comfort

The Purple® grid pattern is designed to fold and collapse under pressure. Comfortable even when you are sitting on your keys or your wallet.

Free Air Flow

The columnar design allows air to move freely, preventing heat and moisture form building up and keeping your tookus happy and relaxed all day long.

Cooling Comfort

With its excellent airflow design and being made of cooling material, your duff will always be the perfect temperature.

We’ve Got Choices For All Types Of Tushies

The Everywhere Purple Cushion

Everywhere Purple® Cushion

Take the Everywhere Purple® Cushion, well…everywhere. With its compact folding design, wherever you go, your can is sure to be happy.
The Portable Purple Cushion

Portable Purple® Cushion

The Portable Purple® Cushion’s low profile is great for travel, whether it be in a car or a plane, a bus or a train. It’s small and light enough to fit in your carry-on.
The Royal Purple Cushion

Royal Purple® Cushion

The 2-inch Royal Purple® Cushion is the popular choice for office heroes, drivers, authors, and artists. Anyone that spends most of their day seated.
The Purple Back Cushion

Purple® Back Cushion

The Purple® lumbar cushion comfortably fits the contour of your lower back, encompassing you in comfort and giving your back the support it needs.
The Ultimate Purple Cushion

Ultimate Purple® Cushion

The Ultimate Purple®, Cushion is longer, wider, and taller than other cushions. The Ultimate fits a variety of wazoos, and is the absolute best for comfort and indulgence.
The Simply Purple Seat Cushion

Simply Purple® Cushion

The Simply Purple® Seat cushion gives you the plush cushioning your back craves. Simplify your life with the Simply Purple®. Pun absolutely intended.
The Double Seat Cushion

Purple® Double Cushion

The Double Purple® Seat Cushion With a unique dual-support comfort grid, the two-inch Double Purple® can be “flipped” for use on either firm or soft seat surfaces. Now get the comfort your butt craves, in any chair, anywhere.

What's Stopping You From Having the Happy Buns You Know You Deserve?

You can’t afford to sit in your chair any longer without the comfort of the Purple® Seat Cushion.

DO YOU miss the good old days when you could do something as simple as tie your shoes without huge amounts of discomfort?

PURPLE HELPS YOU Forget you were ever uncomfortable. Look out life (and untied shoes) Here you come!

DO YOU sometimes cry out from stabbing pains causing your peers to stare at you in confusion and wonder?

PURPLE HELPS YOU Give those aches and pains a big ol' karate chop to the face. Hi-ya!

DO YOU have aches and pains causing you to hobble around like someone twice your age?

PURPLE HELPS YOU bound through life with the energy of someone half your age.

DO YOUR legs, wazoo, or back go numb after sitting?

PURPLE HELPS YOU feel great, whether you are standing or sitting.

For desk jockeys, long haul drivers, globe trotters, and everyone in between that wants a more comfortable place to plop their rear.

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