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Say no, no to the Sunday Scaries.

The weekend hits. It’s awesome. Then Sunday night comes. Not so awesome. You can’t sleep because you’re haunted by what’s waiting for you at work the next day. Forget that. Let the Purple Boys show you how to conquer the Sunday Scaries, so you can fulfill your destiny.

episode 1

Episode 1


The Purple Boys, Geno and Quirky, take you through their ideal sleep solutions and zonk strategies that will help you beat the Sunday Scaries.

episode 2

Episode 2


It’s sleep intervention time for Mr. Joe Dunder. Watch the Purple Boys work their purpley magic with glam pics galore.

episode 3

Episode 3


Geno shows off his sleep skills for a quick dreamy trip to New Orleans. Also delinquent rocker Billy Joe wises up when he meets the Sleep Demon.

episode 4

Episode 4


The boyz in Purple deliver on some big promises while meeting up with some advanced sleep students.

episode 5

Episode 5


Geno and Quirky kick things up a notch and share how to nightmare-proof your dreams with the Purple Skware. Joe Dunder makes a cameo with his dapper son, Joe the Second.

episode 6

Episode 6


The sleep students get together for a rousing and rather moving choral performance to celebrate the success they’ve had with the Purple Boys’ top-secret sleep strategies.

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Code Name: Secret Sauce

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