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Every Purple mattress comes with a 100-night, risk-free trial. If you’re not 100% satisfied

after our recommended 21-day adjustment period, we’ll gladly refund and pick up your


The 21-Day Adjustment Period

Most sleepers enjoy the GelFlex® Grid’s incredible joint-cradling benefits after night one, but adjusting can take up to a few weeks. When your body hasn’t received the support and spine alignment it needs, actually getting it can feel different at first – but that’s just your body getting acclimated. Soon you’ll be waking up refreshed from the best sleep of your life – every night.

Why Does Grid Sleep Feel Different?

Good question – it’s because the GelFlex® Grid is unlike anything you’ve ever slept on. Last night, the Grid adapted to your sleep style, supporting your back while cradling your joints.

Point being: you slept better, even if your body needs some time to adjust. Visualize coils of pent-up tension slowly unwinding, night after night, as you return to a more balanced state of rest. That’s what’s happening here.

Give it 21-days. You’re going to learn what real sleep feels like.

Purple Sheets = Better Sleep

Sheets and mattress protectors without proper stretch can prevent your body from fully enjoying the joint-cradling GelFlex® Grid benefits. We recommend our supremely soft, stretchy bedding options – specifically designed to complement your Purple mattress.

Man sleeping on a Harmony Pillow

Your Body Will Thank You

With our 100-night trial, Purple mattresses come risk and stress-free. If you’re ready for life-changing sleep, it’s time to try the GelFlex® Grid.

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