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Heated, Cooling, and Weighted: How To Choose The Best Blanket For Sleeping

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    September 8, 2022
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    Everyone needs a good blanket to get a restful, cozy sleep. But when it comes to what makes a good blanket, not everyone has the same needs. For example, you may tend to get very cold feet or hands while sleeping, but your sleeping partner may complain about feeling hot and sweaty at night.

    What's the perfect blanket for you? Keep reading to find out the different types of blankets and sleepers for different needs. With our guide, you'll be able to pick one that'll let you doze off comfortably!

    7 Types Of Blankets: Which One Is Best For You?

    There are different blankets that you can use for better sleep. Here's a quick description of each type of blanket, including their benefits.


    Duvets are blankets that can be slipped in and out of covers for easy cleaning, much like a big pillow. One difference between a duvet vs. comforter is a duvet is thicker and softer than comforters, making them perfect for cozy warmth during the winter months.

    Chilly sleepers will enjoy sleeping with this type of blanket for year-round use, especially if they're made out of breathable fabric that doesn't trap moisture.

    Benefits of A Duvet

    Duvets are easier to clean than traditional blankets because you only have to change their covers. They're also very thick and soft, providing extra warmth even during chilly nights.

    Weighted Blanket

    A weighted blanket is made of an outer covering of soft and absorbable material and an inner lining. The inner lining is designed to hold a weighted filler, formed into beads, pebbles, or similar granular shapes. The inner lining is attached to the outer covering to keep the filler from shifting.

    Fillers are typically made from plastic beads, glass beads, or sand. Each material has its pros and cons. Plastic beads come at a more affordable price, but they can be a bit noisy. Glass beads are quieter and heavier but more expensive. Sand is the cheapest of all, but it doesn't distribute weight as evenly.

    Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket

    A weighted blanket can create even pressure over your entire body as you sleep, helping you feel calmer and less anxious. This can help a restless sleeper who tosses and turns from being roused in the middle of the night.

    Heated Blanket

    A heated blanket uses electricity to conduct warmth throughout the fabric. These electric blankets have wiring and electrical cords, as well as controls so you can adjust them to the right temperature.

    They are typically made of polyester because of this synthetic fabric's flame resistance, but there are also cotton blankets that provide added softness.

    Benefits Of A Heated Blanket

    A heated blanket can keep you warm and cozy even on cold nights without extra weight. When made with the right fabric, they can also keep sweat from being trapped, even as you heat the blanket up. It's the ideal bedding accessory for a sweat-free yet extra-warm sleeping experience!

    Cotton Blanket

    Cotton blankets are popular with hot sleepers because of their good absorption qualities and breathability. They're light, easy to carry, and become softer with each wash. They're also hypoallergenic, making them the everyday blanket of choice for people with sensitive skin.

    While cotton is very soft and breathable, they're also very flammable. If you're looking for a travel blanket for camping, you'll need a more flame-resistant choice.

    Benefits Of A Cotton Blanket

    If your body temperature tends to run hot, a cotton blanket can help you feel fresh and comfortable as you sleep. It helps dry moisture easily, so you won't wake up drenched from night sweats or feel muggy on hot summer nights.

    Throw Blanket

    Light and typically used for decoration on sofas or beds, a throw blanket is a good extra layer to keep for lounging around. It can be made from different types of organic or synthetic material such as cashmere, polyester, and gauze fabric. While they're rarely made in larger size options, these wearable blankets are perfect for keeping your upper body warm.

    Benefits Of A Throw Blanket

    Throw blankets are a simple, affordable way to add a touch of style to your bed or sofa. Because of its light weight, a throw is also a good outdoor blanket for garden picnics or bonfire nights.


    Quilts are made of a front, middle, and back layer. The front and back can be made from different kinds of fabric, but the middle layer is typically made from thicker padding to keep you warm. Quilts are often very colorful because of the decorative stitches that keep the padding in place. This soft bedding is ideal for keeping warm during chilly nights.

    Benefits Of A Quilt

    Quilts are padded to help chilly sleepers stay warm during colder months. They're also much lighter and easier to carry than comforters, so they can be used as travel blankets.

    Microfiber Blanket

    Microfiber blankets are sleep accessories made from a mix of different fabrics like nylon and polyester. These synthetic fiber blends are finely woven to make the blanket feel smoother and softer than a traditional blanket. Do keep in mind that these blankets are more prone to static problems and will attract hair more often.

    Benefits Of A Microfiber Blanket

    Microfiber blankets are wrinkle-resistant and more durable than other blanket types, making them easier to keep and prepare for daily use.

    The tight weave of a microfiber blanket also keeps dust particles from penetrating the fabric. This makes it the ideal soft blanket for people whose allergies keep them up at night.

    What Blanket Do I Need?

    The blanket you need will depend on the type of sleeper you are. If you live in a warmer climate and tend to get sweaty as you doze, a lighter breathbale blanket will help you stay cool. If you're a restless and anxious sleeper, a weighted blanket's even pressure will be able to soothe you at night.

    Think about which issues give you the most sleep problems before choosing one of the different blanket types on this list. With the right blanket, you'll improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.


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