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How to Shop for Sheets in 2018

How do you use sheets?

  • Do you sleep with a bottom and top sheet, or just one of them?
  • Do you use your top sheet as a blanket because you sleep warm?
  • Are you still using sheets your mom bought you when you went off to college?

Everyone has a unique way of thinking about sheets. Some put a really high importance on the quality of their sheets, others couldn’t think less about them.

White sheets

Whether you’re an avid sheet-lover or want to give sheets as little thought as possible, follow these tenets of sheet ownership. You’ll be able to find the best sheets with little effort if you bring these tricks with you next time you’re buying bed sheets.

Thread Count Is a Myth

Thanks to brilliant marketing many moons ago, sheet thread count (much like memory foam and mattresses) became the trendy way to gauge the quality of your sheets. But, the truth is that thread count doesn’t actually mean much.

Sheets in various colors

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread count is determined by the number of threads running both horizontally and vertically in a square inch. Theoretically, higher thread counts are supposed to equal softer sheets, but there are a few problems with that claim.

Much like sunscreen, you can only have so many threads per square inch, and anything over 800-thread count is basically hot air. Furthermore, the type of fabric is rarely taken into account. Thinner fabrics can fit more threads per square inch, so this unit of measurement really doesn’t tell you anything.

If you’re hooked on thread count, somewhere around 400 is the best thread count for sheets. Anything less than 200 probably has holes in it and anything over 800 is just making numbers up.

Fabric Quality: The True Measure of Excellence

The softest sheets truly come from the highest-quality fabrics. Fabrics from Italy and Egypt are known for their touchability, so it’s worth looking at sheets made from either of those authentic fabrics.

Find the fabric that suits your tastes best; sheets should be a part of your sleep experience. Some people prefer smooth silk and others prefer a warmer jersey knit. Bamboo-based fabrics are really trendy and they tend to be ultra-soft as well.

Panda bear eating bamboo


Stretchiness is the unsung hero of super comfortable sleep. Very few people take stretch into account, but here’s why you should.

Imagine laying down on your mattress. Does your body sink in? It should gently dip around your shoulders and hips. These are your pressure points and they sink into your mattress to keep your spine aligned when you sleep.

If you sleep on taut sheets, your body can’t sink into your mattress like it’s supposed to. In fact, non-stretchy sheets can ruin a perfectly good mattress.


When looking for sheets, test the stretchiness. Jersey knit sheets are good for this, as is the brand Sheex. Purple is also coming out with their own super-stretchy, bamboo-based sheets soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Sheets Made Simple

Whatever sheets you decide to buy, do give them some thought. Sheets are about more than a pretty color, they can dramatically change your sleep experience. They’ve been affecting your sleep your whole life, whether you’ve realized it or not.

Get soft, stretchy sheets and enjoy a good night’s rest. Sweet dreams!