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How To Keep Sheets From Slipping Off Your Bed: 8 Simple Tips

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    June 1, 2023
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    Many people struggle with sheets that won’t stay in place around their mattresses despite their elastic bands. Even if they’re the right size for your mattress, you may notice them coming loose from your mattress and causing you to wake up in a tangled mess.

    The constant adjusting can be frustrating, especially in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep. Fortunately, making a few adjustments to your bedding will keep it snugly in place and keep you fast asleep.

    Here are key ways to keep a fitted sheet on your bed so you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

    1. Buy The Right Size

    Buying the right sheet size for your mattress is one of the first solutions for keeping it in place. If your sheet is single-size, it will keep slipping off a double-size mattress. On the other hand, a bedsheet that’s too big, such as a queen-size sheet on a twin-size mattress, will keep bunching up and wrinkling.

    Measure your mattress first to figure out its dimensions and pick the right sheet set size. Read our guide on how to choose sheets for best practices  on selecting the proper size and material for your sleeping needs. You can also check out our article on different types of bed sheets to learn what other properties make sheets different from each other.

    2. Tuck The Top Corners Of The Sheet First

    Instead of starting at the bottom or in the middle, a simple hack is to tuck the top corners first. Afterward, stretch the rest of the sheet fabric down to the bottom corners and tuck them in snugly. 

    These fixed corners will help anchor the rest of your sheet’s fabric, making it easier to adjust corners without pulling them out of place.

    3. Use Sheet Suspenders

    Also known as bed suspenders, sheet suspenders are clipped on the corners of your fitted sheet, then secured to the underside of your mattress, slats, or box spring. This prevents your covers from bunching up or sliding. They’re also easy to adjust to fit different mattress sizes. 

    For added security, you can buy ones that crisscross for a tighter fit onto your mattress.

    4. Try Non-Slip Rug Corners

    Some sheet materials are more prone to slippage – even if they are the right size – because of their weaves, such as satin or tencel. Using rug corners helps them stay in place despite their slippery feel. Learn more about slippage tendency and other considerations by reading our guide to choosing the softest sheets.

    Rug corners are non-slip pads designed to keep rugs from slipping on floors. An added  benefit of these accessories is they help  prevent your sheets from sliding off your mattress. Simply place these under each corner of your sheet to keep your sheets from wrinkling and slipping off.

    5. Use Safety Pins

    Safety pins are a household staple that you can use as clips for keeping sheets on the bed. Just fold the corners of your sheet and carefully pin them in place. Pin them with the pressure of the sheet being tugged instead of against the sheet, so the pin doesn’t weaken or bend a lot over time.

    6. Create Your Own Sheet Straps

    While there are some sheet straps sold by bedding accessory companies, you can also DIY this product using thick elastic or ribbon to keep your sheets from slipping. 

    Just cut long strips of your preferred material and attach one end to each corner of your fitted sheet. Tuck the other end of each strip under your mattress and adjust as needed. Add safety pins to fasten these straps more snugly.

    7. Try Stretchy Bands

    If “stretchy bands” sound like oversized rubber bands, that’s because they are. These simple adjustable bedding devices are wrapped around your sheets to hold them in place. Some stretchy sheet bands may also have additional locking mechanisms to better secure your sheet to your mattress.

    8. Use A Mattress Pad Or Mattress Topper

    If your sheets are made of slippery material, adding a slightly textured mattress pad or mattress topper can give your sheet a better grip and prevent sliding. 

    It will also work if your sheets are the right size but have too much allowance for depth by providing extra cushioning to fill in that gap. Just make sure you pick a pad or topper that’s the same size as your mattress.

    Upgrade Your Sheets With Purple

    If you’re struggling with sheet slippage, don’t worry – try the tricks we’ve listed above to keep your fitted sheets in place and keep you resting peacefully. 

    If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding, Purple sheets utilize innovative, stretchy technology that adapts to your movements as you sleep, preventing them from slipping off easily.

    Purple sheets are also luxuriously soft and breathable for all-night comfort while also allowing the proper flex and give that equates to truly rejuvenating sleep. Give these cozy sheets a try to experience a new level of high-quality sleep!

    Fitted Sheet FAQs

    How do hotels keep sheets tight on the bed?

    Hotels keep sheets tight on the bed by using two flat sheets instead of a fitted sheet. 

    Typically, an oversized flat sheet will be tucked tightly around the mattress with hospital corners. Then a second flat sheet is tucked in on the bed’s slides and the foot of the bed. This second sheet’s top is also tucked and folded over, creating a neat, tight fit.

    What holds a fitted sheet on the mattress?

    Several things can hold a fitted sheet on a mattress. Here are some of the most common items used to secure sheets:

    • Under sheets beneath top sheets
    • Rug corners
    • Sheet suspenders
    • Stretchy rubber bands
    • Safety pins
    • Zippered sheet sets

    How do you fit a fitted sheet without lifting a mattress?

    Follow these simple steps to secure a fitted sheet without lifting your mattress:

    1. Lay your fitted sheet flat on your bed so its corners align with the four corners of your bed.
    2. Place one hand the top two corners of the fitted sheet.
    3. Tuck the sheet’s sides into your mattress until it fits snugly.
    4. Go to the opposite corners and tuck their sides into your mattress until the corners also fit snugly. Note that you may need to keep adjusting and tucking until each corner fits tightly. 
    5. Once all four corners are secured, move along the sheet’s side edges. Tuck these edges in until you reach the middle of your bed.
    6. Move to the foot of your bed and repeat Step 5 for the foot of the sheet.
    7. Make a final adjustment with the sheet, making sure there’s no extra dangling or wrinkled fabric for a snug fit.


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