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Euro Top vs Pillow Top Mattress: What’s The Difference?

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    May 16, 2023
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    It’s easy for terms to get lost in translation while searching for a mattress. Among the confusion lies the difference between Euro top and pillow top mattresses. While  both Euro and pillow tops include an additional layer of padding often sewn onto the mattress creating extra plushness, there are some key differences between the two options. 

    To start,  pillow tops are typically the softer of the two while Euro tops are generally more firm. But because we think it’s important to get a full detail of Euro vs. pillow, this article breaks down the key differences that will allow you to rest easy with your final decision. 

    What Is A Euro Top Mattress?

    A Euro top comfort layer contains dense latex foam or fiber sewn onto the edges of the bed rather than  on top of the mattress. Unlike pillow tops, they have a flatter, neatly stacked appearance. Euro tops also eliminate the v-shaped indent between a mattress cover and a pillow top, preventing sinking and disfiguration.

    Visually, Euro tops appear like a standard mattress as opposed to pillow top mattresses that have a visible layer added to the top. 

    Below is a pro-con list on Euro top mattresses to keep in mind. 

    Euro Top Mattress: Pros

    • Enhanced support: Euro tops are stitched underneath the mattress cover, so their construction is more supportive than a pillow top.
    • Less shifting: Because Euro tops lie directly on top of your mattress layers, they are less likely to shift in your sleep and cause wear and tear.
    • Higher-quality materials: Euro tops typically contain higher-quality materials like foam, wool, and fiberfill that offer better support and longevity compared to  synthetic materials.
    • Vast firmness levels: You can choose between different firmness levels that match your sleep preferences and target specific  pressure points.

    Euro Top Mattress: Cons

    • Inferior contouring: Because Euro tops lie immediately beneath the  mattress cover but on top of the other layers, they may not provide the same plush, cushioning that a pillow top does.
    • Higher prices: A Euro top will often cost more than a pillow top due to more luxurious materials and complex construction.
    • Premature sagging: Euro tops are firmer toward the edges and lack a  consistent feel throughout. This may cause  certain parts of the mattress to sag quicker than others.

    What Is A Pillow Top Mattress?

    Pillow top mattresses are sewn directly over a mattress cover for additional padding. Unlike Euro tops, pillow top attachments are clearly visible, as they aren’t sewn onto the edges of the mattress. As a result, there is a slight gap between the pillow top layer and the mattress surface.

    While you can use a pillow top with any mattress, it is best for firm support cores with coils. The extra padding from a pillow top provides pressure relief and additional comfort.

    Below is a pro-con list for pillow tops. 

    Pillow Top Mattress: Pros

    • Increased softness: If you aren’t using a memory foam mattress, a pillow top layer can provide the soft, plush comfort you need and prefer.
    • Movement isolation: Because of the added layer between the center of the mattress and the top, pillow tops adequately reduce motion transfer.
    • Reduced pressure points: Soft pillow tops may improve spinal alignment and distribute body weight, potentially relieving neck, hip, and shoulder pain.
    • Affordable: Pillow tops tend to be  less expensive than Euro tops.

    Pillow Top Mattress: Cons

    • Hotter sleeping environment: Because pillow tops are made with foam, fiberfill, or wool, they can reduce your mattress’ breathability and clog air pockets, making for hotter sleep.
    • Inferior edge support: Pillow tops tend to lack support along the edges of mattresses which is known to limit the lifespan of beds. 
    • Stark appearance: Pillow tops don’t have the Euro top's neat, uniform appearance because of the stark indent.

    Euro Top vs Pillow Top Mattress: How To Choose

    As you can see, Euro and pillow tops each have their own unique sets of pros and cons. If you’re struggling to decide between the two, consider your preferences on the following features:

    • Soft or firm: Pillow tops are softer than Euro tops because of their materials. They contain softer, more body-contouring fibers, creating a “sinking” feeling.
    • Motion isolation: If you tend to toss and turn through the night, a Euro topper offers better motion isolation than its pillow top counterpart.
    • Price: Because of their luxury fabric and increased durability, Euro tops are typically more expensive.

    Additional Factors To Consider

    Still trying to decide what top comfort layer best suits your needs? Note the following factors.


    Euro tops are longer-lasting than pillow tops because of their high-quality composition. While pillow tops last between five and eight years, Euro tops can last up to ten years.


    Pillow tops are softer and provide better pressure relief. If you prefer a cradling feel,  a pillow top provides just that. If you need something firmer with  more rigid support, a Euro top will be the best option for you.

    Edge Support

    Euro tops are flush with your mattress’ edge, so you can expect better edge support and minimal sagging.


    Euro and pillow tops often have thickness similarities. However, because pillow tops aren’t sewn to the edges of your mattress, they will sometimes provide the additional height you won’t get with a Euro top. 


    Euro tops have a more uniform look than pillow tops, which can be more aesthetically pleasing.


    The materials in your topper can have a significant effect on the features listed above. Take a closer look at how a variety of materials can impact your decision.

    Ultimately, one of the easiest ways to choose a mattress is to gather helpful information from online mattress reviews and articles or go to a physical store. Learn more about how to test a mattress in-store in our article. 

    The GelFlex Grid

    The GelFlex Grid instantly adapts as you move, supporting you in any position or body shape. Engineered to be soft and still supportive.

    Memory Foam

    Memory foam mattresses cushion the body's heaviest parts. The material is also motion-isolating, absorbing movement before it reaches the bed’s coil support core.

    However, memory foam tends to absorb body heat, making it unideal for hot sleepers.

    Learn more about the benefits of memory foam in one of our mattress guides.


    Fiberfill combines polyester and synthetic materials to create a feathery feel. While soft, supportive and affordable, fiberfill doesn’t have the body-contouring benefits of memory foam and isn’t nearly as durable as other materials.


    Firmer than memory foam, latex toppers are bouncy, dense, breathable, and highly supportive. In addition, they are sustainable and resilient. However, they might cost you a pretty penny compared to synthetic options.


    Wool sheets are impeccably soft but lack support for sleepers with shoulder, hip, or neck pain. On the plus side, wool is a natural insulator, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Wool is also impressively durable and lasts longer than synthetic toppers.

    Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress: FAQs

    What is a Euro top plush mattress?

    A Euro top plush mattress is a type of pillow top that provides additional padding. However, unlike pillow tops, manufacturers sew this padding beneath the mattress cover and to the sides. This eliminates gaps and creates a more uniform look.

    Which is better: a Euro top or a pillow top?

    Whether a Euro or pillow top is better depends on your preferences. A Euro top might suit you better if you like a soft feel with firm support. Conversely, you might prefer a pillow top if your priorities are plush softness and pressure relief.

    Is a Euro top mattress good for side sleepers?

    Euro top mattresses are good for side sleepers who don’t require extra cushioning. However, softer pillow tops typically do a better job of providing pressure relief and additional comfort.

    How long will a pillow top mattress last?

    A pillow top mattress lasts an average of three to five years. They are often less durable than their Euro top counterparts because of their construction and materials.

    Can you use a pillow top with two twin beds?

    Technically, you can use a King-size pillow top on two twin beds pushed together. However, it may not fit snugly and can shift in your sleep. In our article, learn more about using two twin beds as a single mattress.


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