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4 Answers about Our Non-Toxic Plastic Powder

We love our customers at Purple, and we always strive for their ultimate comfort and safety. From our seat cushions to our sheets to our mattresses (of course), we want our customers to achieve and maintain comfort for the best night of ZZZZs they’ve ever had in their lives, time and time again.

We’ve had some questions lately about the white powder we use to package our Purple mattresses so they’re nice and tight without being so sticky that they never come apart. We hear you and are happy to answer these questions so you can literally rest easy knowing that this powder is absolutely, totally, without a doubt, safe.

What is the powder?

The non-toxic plastic powder coating we use is polyethylene, which is a food-contact-grade plastic considered to be safe (FDA, WHO/IARC, and Environment Canada have all declared it safe for use). This powder is chemically inactive, NOT a talc powder and completely harmless. We have a nice blog post all about it if you’d like some leisurely poolside reading.

More specifically, Purple uses a particular type/brand of polyethylene, which — along with the way it’s applied — is patent-pending. We are aware that others have worked with scientists and universities over the years to find the exact substance that would work with our Purple® material in order keep our product from sticking together when compressed. None could master it.

Hundreds of trials later, the scientists at Purple discovered it. This “secret sauce” is highly sought after by competitors — and as such, we’ve applied for a patent to maintain our intellectual property. Until it is published, we’re keeping it a “trade secret.” We have, however, shared the salient information that would affirm the safety of our product for consumers and employees. See below!

Is it safe?

Yes. So safe, in fact, that you will find the same material in baby sunscreen, or the same powder cosmetics that many people apply to their faces, such as blush or foundation.

Additionally, the powder is not known to contain a chemical substance known to the State of California to cause cancer, reproductive, or developmental toxicity under California Proposition 65; the powder has no known chemicals regulated by New Jersey’s Workers and Community Right to Know Act. What’s more, the powder has no components subject to the Massachusetts Right to Know Act; nor does the powder contain any chemicals regulated by Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Act.

Without getting too in-the-weeds, we’ll tell you that the ingredients in the formula are compliant with the chemical inventory requirements or exemptions of Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, the Unites States and Taiwan.

So yes, it is very much safe.

What about if I breathe it in? Still safe?

Simply, yes.

In fact, we wanted to be 100000000% sure this powder is safe, even when you breathe it, so we recently commissioned studies by independent research laboratories that would produce unbiased data and give us solid conclusions.

The studies examined whether the powder used in our mattress production process was being released in the air during routine mattress setup and use and whether this could present any adverse effects when in contact with a living, breathing thing.

The studies found that the number of particles from the powder in the air per cubic meter was so small that the air would qualify for a Class 6 to Class 9 cleanroom. AKA the air was VERY clean and the amount of powder emitted into the air was so small that it’s highly, highly unlikely someone or something would ever breathe much, if any, of the very small amount of powder that may get through the multiple covers of the mattress.

The studies also measured the safety of this powder if you were to come into contact with it. From a safety perspective, the studies found that our Purple powder is not considered any different than any other type of common dust that you regularly breathe in every day.

The studies found that the amount of breathing in of this substance is miniscule at best. And even if you do breathe it in, it’s nontoxic anyway.

Rest assured that this powder is safe and is just used to make our mattresses less
sticky for your convenience and comfort.

We’re always eager to answer questions you have about our products. We think they’re
pretty amazing and we want you to think so too! If you have any other questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact our Customer Delight team!

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