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How to Clean Your Purple Mattress and Remove Stains

Though it may have taken a rocket scientist to invent the one-of-a-kind technology that is Purple, you don’t have to have an engineering degree to clean the mattress when messes happen.

After a few experiences with our friends, we have found some helpful methods to keep your Purple® mattress as good as new.

PowerBase and mattress bundle with rainbow over it

How Do You Clean a Mattress?

What to Do When…

In any of these cases, it’s best to soak up as much excess liquid or mess as you can before taking on the stain.

And the sooner you can clean up, the better! You don’t want the stain to bond with the fibers in the cover, which makes it much harder to get out.

Finally, if you have an extension on your vacuum that you can use over the surface of your mattress, now is the perfect time to get any loose debris and clear out the dust and dust mites that happen naturally on any mattress.

Junior Sasquatch has an Accident

He’s doing better, but accidents happen!

Rrrllgggighhi gihsgggisgh shtggisggsh (Sasquatch for How to Clean Mattress):

We grabbed a bottle of Urine Gone! and found it can be super-duper helpful. If that doesn’t do the trick then Nature’s Miracle is just that, a miracle. These work for well for the Sasquatch family and humans alike.

Baby sasquatch closeup screaming

Goldilocks Spills Her Breakfast in Bed

She may be cute, but she’s clumsy and often spills her porridge when she has breakfast in bed — but at least we know she’ll never break an egg on it! We recommend you spot clean the mattress with mild upholstery cleaner, or if the food is oil based, using an enzyme cleaner (such as Simple Solution).

Sumo Wrestlers Jump on the Bed

Two sumo wrestlers jumping on the bed
One looked down and then he said
“You forgot to wash your feet!
You need a protector, not just a sheet”

Just like Goldi’s breakfast, unwanted foot or paw prints can be easily erased with mild upholstery cleaner. We found that an OxiClean worked wonders!

There are lots of other simple homemade solutions made of stuff you’ve probably already got around the house, such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, etc.

What’s the Easiest Way to Keep the Bed Clean in General?

Grab a stretchy mattress protector to avoid these messes all together!

Mama and baby sasquatch standing under clothesline

Can I Wash My Purple Mattress Cover?

Since the white mattress cover (the puffy cover that says Purple) has a zipper, it has the ability to come off the mattress entirely. This may tempt you to take it off and machine wash it. PLEASE DON’T.

The cover has an incredible amount of spandex so you get the full benefits of Purple; so when it goes through the washer and dryer, the mattress cover will shrink and not even Papa Sasquash could get it back on. Even if you do get it back on, you will lose a great deal of the plush feeling that you love from your Purple.

Keep It Simple

Accidents happen, coffee spills, beloved pets track in dirt…c’est la vie! Don’t stress about cleaning your mattress.

Cleaning your mattress is pretty simple.

  • Spot Clean with:
    • Homemade Cleaning Solutions
    • Upholstery or Enzyme Cleaners
  • Air it out.
    It’s important you give it time to dry, and this is a great opportunity to freshen it up a bit with fabric freshener (such as Febreeze).

Don’t forget — a good, stretchy mattress protector is the best ways to protect your Purple® Bed in all its comfy glory!

If you have any questions on cleaning your Purple, ask our Customer Delight Gurus! They’re always happy to help.