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What Are The Best Bed Sheets?

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets and Love the Way You Sleep!

What’s behind a good night’s sleep? It’s pretty safe to say that you aren’t going to have a night of revolutionary sleep if you’re tossing and turning under threadbare bed linens that just aren’t breathable. You’ve got too much to do to worry about sheets that are dragging you down. Let’s talk about getting new bed sheets and potentially gaining a new perspective on sleep, life and everything else in the process!

You’ve probably realized that finding perfect sheets isn’t as simple as heading to your local big-box store, grabbing whatever set happens to be stocked on the shelf, bringing it home and tossing it over your mattress. You may feel intimidated about picking out new bed linens because there are so many options available.

Don’t let the fact that there are so many different bedsheet types out there intimidate you! Just take a look at your definitive guide to choosing sheets that feel like a dream and work with your real life.

Breaking Down the Bedsheet Types

Are you ready to get a quick Ph.D. in R-E-S-T? The most basic thing to know is what should be included in the typical sheet set. A set should include a flat sheet that goes over your body, a fitted sheet to go around your mattress and one or two pillowcases. Another thing to know is that you have a few different fabrics to choose from when picking out your sheets. Get comfortable and settle in for a fabrics crash course!


Have you ever slept on a bed with glossy sheets that felt almost like butter against your fingers? Those were probably sateen sheets. These sheets are often shiny in appearance and smooth to the touch. They offer decent wrinkle resistance. However, the shine of sateen can fade and these sheets aren’t known for being durable. They are also pretty susceptible to pilling.


Linen sheets have become synonymous with luxury and five-star hotels. This well-established fabric has been used for everything from wrapping mummies in ancient Egypt to making your grandmother’s dining table look lovely. Linen sheets gain points for feeling very fresh and cool against the skin. They also provide a good amount of ventilation. However, linen sheets can be pricey and they are notorious for not being very wrinkle resistant.


Flannel sheets are famously toasty and soft. They can be a great fit if you like feeling like you’re sleeping in a warm lodge each night. However, the fibres used for flannel don’t offer much versatility or freedom for people who worry about becoming overheated at night.

Polyester or Microfiber

Polyester isn’t just for clothing. Polyester sheets generally feel very nice to the touch. The fact that this material is often great when it comes to stain resistance makes it an excellent choice for a child’s bed. The downside is that polyester sheets do not impress very much if you crave breathable sheets that help to regulate temperature.


Silk sheets are definitely luxurious. There’s no denying that they feel great against the skin. However, they can be a bit of a hassle because most silk sheets must be professionally cleaned. What if you want silk because of how good it is for your hair and skin? You can always opt for a silk duvet cover that you can use in conjunction with an easier type of bed linen.


Eco-friendly bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial. That’s good news if you have sensitive skin or you’re worried about dust mites causing allergies to flare up. Say goodbye to tossing and turning in sheets that make you sweat! Bamboo offers moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool all night. Bamboo sheets are also famous for being durable. Bamboo also earns points for being pretty wrinkle resistant compared to other options. Remember that bamboo sheets should be purchased from a reputable company to ensure that genuine viscose from bamboo is used.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Bedsheet?

When it comes to low cost and widely used, cotton bedsheets take the cake, although bamboo sheets have become all the rave due to added benefits. You may see cotton sheets under a variety of different names. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, flannel and jersey all fall under the cotton family.  Of course, it isn’t necessarily the best for performance and added benefits.

What Types of Sheets Last the Longest?

Different fabrics have different average life spans. One universal tip is that sheets that are woven will last a lot longer than knitted sheets. That’s why you should always go for a sheet with a weave construction if possible. Cotton, linen and bamboo sheets are all known for their durability. That means the sheets you fall in love with now will provide you with snuggly, comfy nights for a long time to come!

What Is the Best Thread Count for Sheets?

You’ve probably seen people make a big deal about thread count and felt too uncomfortable to admit that you don’t actually know what it means. Is there really a way to measure the best thread count for sheets or is a high thread count just a fancy excuse to brag? It’s actually pretty simple.

What Does Thread Count Measure?

Thread count measures threads per inch (TPI) and tells us about the coarseness or fineness of a fabric. Thread count is determined by counting the number of length (warp) and width (weft) threads per one square inch of fabric. Now you know!

How Does Thread Count Impact the Quality of Bedsheets?

Are thread-count snobs really right? The fact of the matter is that we may have all been misled about the rule that higher is better when it comes to thread count. Sheets with higher thread counts actually have a tighter weave. That could be a problem if you’re not a fan of stiff sheets that feel like they’re suffocating you in the middle of the night. Factors like softness, stretch and coolness are actually more important than thread count when we’re talking about getting a comfortable night of rest.

Does a Higher Thread Count Mean a Higher Price?

Many brands actually charge a premium for higher thread counts. While that doesn’t ensure that your sleep will be better, it does ensure that your wallet will be lighter. What’s the best thread count for bed sheets? The general rule is that you can expect quality once you get to a count of 200. Anything above that won’t really make a difference in terms of your comfort.

Your Guide to Washing and Maintaining Bedsheets

Getting a perfect night of rest doesn’t just revolve around finding the perfect sheets. You also have to know how to keep your sheets in optimal condition once you find your dream set. Check out the key rules to follow if you want to score a good night’s sleep every night.

What’s the Best Way to Wash Bedding in Your Washing Machine?

Mastering the art of washing and maintaining bedsheets using your washing machine is exciting because you will be able to make your fabrics last longer and get more enjoyment and comfort. Can you really only wash sheets in cold water in the washing machine? Not exactly. Cold water is better for preserving colors and sheet integrity. However, you may want to use warm water or hot water if you’re trying to combat bacteria, allergens, dust mites or any of the other things that could be lurking where you sleep. Take a look at some tips for throwing your sheets in the washing machine:

  • How often should bedsheets be washed? Try to launder your sheets at least weekly.
  • Choose the gentle cycle in your washing machine to help preserve the beauty and softness of your bedding.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent, powder detergent or baby laundry detergent.
  • You can often use liquid detergent to spot clean stains before putting your sheets in the washing machine.
  • Skip bleach-based products or color brighteners.
  • Remember that sheets need to be fully dry before you store them away if you want to avoid mildew and mold.

Want to make your sleep ritual as green as possible? Drying sheets outdoors gives them a fresh scent and saves energy by cutting out the dryer. What if your line-dried sheets feel a little rough? You can toss them in the dryer for five minutes after taking them off the line to soften them up.

Should You Ever Iron Your Bedsheets?

Should you ever iron your bed sheets? There’s no rule that says you can’t. Go ahead and iron your heart out if you like a pristine, hotel-quality look. However, you can also take advantage of a hack by removing your sheets just before they are fully dry. Just flatten out the creases on a flat surface. You should also know that fabrics like cotton and linen are notorious when it comes to wrinkles. That means you may want to steer clear if you aren’t into ironing.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Sheets on Your Bed?

Laundry laziness happens. Nobody’s here to judge. However, it is actually pretty important that you wash your sheets regularly as part of good mattress hygiene for the sake of your health and wellness. That’s because bacteria can cause some serious health issues. Here are just some of the issues that can spring up if you leave dirty sheets on your bed for too long:

  • Skin breakouts.
  • Athlete’s foot.
  • Eczema and general skin irritation.
  • Allergies.
  • Dust mites.

How the Right Sheets Can Address Common Issues

Do you want to know a secret? The fibers in your sheets can impact the condition of your skin and determine the quality of your sleep. It’s true! That’s why picking the right sheets is even more important for you if you deal with sensitive skin or night sweats.

Sensitive Skin

Your sheets and mattress can be the worst enemies of your skin if you’re not careful. It is so important to use hypoallergenic sheets if you’re one of the millions of people with sensitive skin. Some people with sensitive skin like silk. An option like bamboo can also be beneficial if you have sensitive skin due to the fact that it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial. These properties will also help to stave off any skin issues or health issues that could creep up if you get busy and forget to wash your sheets on schedule.

Night Sweats

Waking up soaked in the middle of the night isn’t very conducive to a good night’s rest. Many people experience night sweats that can make sleep very uncomfortable. Don’t throw your sheets off the bed in a fit of frustration just yet! You can actually still enjoy the comfort of sheets even if you suffer from extreme perspiration in your sleep on a regular basis. Choose an option that offers moisture-wicking properties that will actually help you to keep cool regardless of how hot your skin gets in the night.

The Best Bedsheets of 2019

What are the highest rated bedsheets in 2019? Sheets with bamboo material are becoming more and more popular. Below are just some of the reasons bamboo based sheets are all the rave.

  • Super soft and Stretchy. Tend to be softer than traditional cotton sheets.
  • resilient and durable.
  • Extra breathable for cool sleeping. Will keep you warm during winter and cool during the summer
  • Greener. Bamboo has a natural resistance to pests and fungi. Bamboo does not need pesticides or fertilizer when growing

Anyone looking for innovative fabrics that might also be Eco-friendly and able to help combat issues like becoming overheated, keep reading.

How Does Purple® Compare to Other Sheets?

Purple® sheets check all the right boxes when it comes to finding a linen style that works for your sleep life and your real life. The first thing to know is that they are ridiculously soft. Sateen has nothing on these sheets! These sheets are woven using viscose from bamboo that creates a soft, stretchy feel you will love melting into. Bamboo as a material is much more naturally wrinkle resistant than popular materials like cotton or linen.

Purple® sheets are extremely breathable. They never trap body heat and they actually help to regulate your temperature to ensure that you’re never too cold and you’re never struggling with night sweats because of your sheets. Of course, the fact that Purple® sheets are Eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX® certified means that you can feel good about your choice and stop worrying about pulling sheets up to your chin that was made using materials that are toxic for you and the planet.

What Should You Look for When Finding the Best Bedsheets for You?

It’s your sleep life. That means you should be in control when it comes to crafting a sleep environment that works for YOU! Make the most of your mattress by choosing sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover that facilitate a good night’s sleep. Bed linens that are breathable, soft and free from toxic materials can help you enjoy peace of mind and peaceful sleep. That’s an idea you’re definitely going to want to get wrapped up in!

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