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You are going to love Purple. Seriously, Purple is a new sleep experience. It doesn’t squish like foam or bounce like springs, it’s a whole new paradigm in sleep, comfort, and support.

Most people love Purple from night one, but we also know that some people may take some time to adjust. Your body may have learned some bad habits from your old, worn-out bed and it could take up to a few weeks for your back to realign to its natural, healthy shape. Good habits don’t always come overnight!

This is why we do a 100-night trial when you buy from That's plenty of time to adjust and get the peace of mind you need, even if the first couple nights aren’t your favorite. You’re under no pressure to hurry and decide whether it’s working or not. We do ask that you try for at least 30 nights, because that’s usually plenty of time for your body to transform back into the spring chicken it should be!

If a return is necessary (which does not happen very often) shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll begin the return process. We’ll never charge you any extra fees (we’ll issue a full refund for the individual product being returned; however, accrued interest is not refunded when financed through Affirm). To get a full refund, the first option is to donate this bed to a charity. If that does not work in your area, we will find a company to come haul the mattress away at no cost to you. We want you to have the best experience with our company even if you don’t keep the bed. But just like baby bear's bed, we are confident our bed will fit you “just right!”

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