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Adjustable Bed Frames – Everything You Need to Know About the Purple™ PowerBase

Beds have gotten along just fine for centuries sitting on various flat, boring foundations. You have the traditional box spring, the bunkie bed, the bunk bed, the platform, the Murphy, the Captain, the Swedish slats, even the floor. Why mess with a functional thing?

Would you believe me if I told you that an adjustable bed frame could actually improve your well-being, rather than just hold your bed up? The right adjustable bed frame can make your life more comfortable and enjoyable and could improve your health from head to toe.

Enter the Purple™ PowerBase — the most epic way to sleep into the future (unless of course, you’re napping in a TARDIS).

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Visual learner? Check out our PowerBase video below!

Features for Days
(and Nights)

Perfection at the Touch of a Button

The sleek remote keeps complete control and happiness customization at your fingertips!

  • Adjustable head and leg positions to create a productivity hub by day, and ultimate slumber machine by night.
  • Program your four favorite positions for one-touch perfection.
  • Anti-Snore Position for yourself or to sneakily change your partner’s position so you can sleep easier.
  • Zero Gravity puts your body in its most natural position, promoting better blood flow and less stress on your organs and muscles. Plus, you get to feel like an astronaut!
  • One-Touch Flat Preset so you can get on with your life instead of waiting around, holding a button down while you contemplate the meaning of life…or ninja kittens.
  • Smooth resonant-frequency massage with a smorgasbord of strength and pattern settings that won’t jostle you around like an old pinball machine.
  • Underbed lighting to gently light the floor so you can make your 2 a.m. bathroom trip without banging your toes on the dresser.
  • USB & A/C outlets in the remote stand so you don’t have to perform Olympic level gymnastics to plug your phone in at night.
Purple robots on split king PowerBase in background with closeup of remote in foreground.

Purple™ PowerBase: Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers Thereto

We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions about the PowerBase. Take a few minutes to peruse these FAQs!

Looking for a specific answer? Click on these links to jump straight to your topic of choice:

Price & What’s Included
Split King Base
Other Mattresses on the PowerBase
Purple™ PowerBase vs Purple™ Platform
Adjustable Leg Height
Shipping, Delivery & Setup
Resonant-Frequency Massage
Zero Gravity Position
Underbed Lighting
Remote Stand & Extra Outlets
The PowerBase App (Coming Soon)
Weights & Dimensions
Weight Limit
Headboard Attachments
Elation™ Bluetooth® Surround Sound Bed Speakers
Warranty & Returns
Contact Information
Download The PowerBase Manual

Price of the PowerBase & What’s Included

Graphic showing Twin XL $1300, Queen $1499, Split King $2798

The PowerBase is currently unavailable in Twin, Full, Full XL, and California King.

What comes in the box?

The following is included with every PowerBase:

  • Purple™ PowerBase (1)
  • Base Legs (4) (adjustable for 3 height options)
  • Wireless Remote Control (1) & AAA Batteries (3)
  • Remote Stand (1)
  • Optional Mattress Retainer Bars (2)
  • 9-Volt Batteries (in case of power emergency)
  • Tools and hardware required for setup
    • Allen Wrench (1)
    • Retainer Bare Bolt & Plate (4 each)

Is a Purple® mattress included in the price?

In a word? Nope. The price listed on the website includes the Purple™ PowerBase, its accessories, and complimentary shipping within the 48 contiguous United States.
The mattress can be purchased separately here.

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Why such a big price difference between Queen and Split King?

The price of the Split King PowerBase is the price of 2 Twin XL bases…which is exactly what it is. It may seem like a pretty hefty price jump from Queen to Split King, especially looking at the nominal difference between the Twin XL and Queen. So why is there such a difference?

First, let’s look at how the beds are built:

Picture of Purple™ PowerBase no mattress, head and legs slightly raised.

The gray exterior that the mattress rests on houses a simple, yet powerful machine that makes the PowerBase the awesome robot-worthy foundation it is (virtually identical between TXL & Q, hence the similar price point). Each frame consists of a quiet and mighty motor that powers the ultra-strong steel frame as it changes positions, as well as the two divine massage hubs under the head and legs.

As you might imagine, that machine is the bulk of the price. Since the split king is two frames, you’re getting twice as much of everything that makes the PowerBase marvelous. That includes double the remotes, remote stands with outlets, underbed lighting, shipping, etc.

Illustration of motors and massagers in queen PowerBase vs split king.

One might ask, “Why not make a regular king with one set of everything so it’s less expensive?” Excellent question, my hypothetical friend! With the sheer size of a complete King, one set of all the mechanics simply wouldn’t cut it. The structure would lose some of its soundness, the massage wouldn’t reach both sides effectively, and the motor would wear out faster. To avoid these issues, we offer the Split King for king-sized beds.

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Split King Base

What is a Split King?

A split king is two Twin XL beds side-by-side, coming together in perfect harmony as one king-sized bed. But why would you do such a thing? Well if you have a regular unmoving bed base, splitting the mattress is a little pointless…but if you have a split king adjustable base (i.e. the PowerBase), each partner can customize their own side for optimal bliss.

Worried about the gap in the middle? Don’t be! The bases and mattresses sit flush with each other and the mattresses stay put on the frames.

Photo from PowerBase video of robot couple on split king bed.

Can I use it with a regular King mattress?

Since the PowerBase doesn’t come in a whole king size, it might seem a little confusing if you have a regular King mattress rather than two Twin XLs. But fear not, my kingly friends — using a Split King PowerBase under your regular King mattress is easy. You’ll be able to simply pair one or both remotes to both bases, which virtually locks them together for synchronized adjustments and massage.

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Other Mattresses on the PowerBase

Can I use a mattress besides Purple on the PowerBase?

You betchya! Well…as long as that mattress is compatible with adjustable foundations. If you don’t know whether or not your existing mattress will work on an adjustable frame, ask the manufacturer or the store you bought it from. You’ll also want to double check the warranty information on your mattress. Some mattresses may lose their warranty if you use them on an adjustable base. (Don’t worry, the Purple® mattress and the PowerBase are besties, and so are their warranties!)

The most important thing for compatibility is flexibility. If your mattress isn’t bendy, it probably won’t be able to conform to the adjustments of the frame.

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Purple™ PowerBase vs Purple™ Platform

Purple also has an incredibly strong, lightweight platform foundation. Both the Platform and the PowerBase are amazing in their own right, but they’re vastly different. So, before we delve into the differences, take a minute to watch the Platform video.

Let’s look at the two side-by-side:

Photo of Purple™ PowerBase and Platform side by side.

Which one should I get?

The deciding factors between you getting the Platform or the PowerBase are largely dependent on your current situation. A few questions to ask yourself — What is your budget? Are you going to be moving it a lot? Do you need more or less storage space? Do you like robots? Are you a robot?

Illustrated flowchart determining whether you should purchase the Purple™ PowerBase or Platform based on budget, how often you move, etc.

Shipping, Delivery & Setup

How is it shipped?

The PowerBase is shipped to your home via Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL). Shortly after your PowerBase leaves Purple’s warehouse, you’ll receive a call from ODFL to schedule a delivery window most convenient for you. You’ll need to be home during this window to receive and sign for your PowerBase.

How is it delivered?

You’ll likely receive a call from the driver on delivery day, so make sure you’ve got your phone close by!

When the delivery is made, the driver will unload the PowerBase from the truck and take it as close to your door at possible, at their discretionThe driver will not be able to take the PowerBase inside or set it up for you, so make sure you have an able-bodied friend or two to help you (and a hand truck if you’ve got one).

How do I set it up?

Once the PowerBase is in the room you it in, it’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Remove the box and all packaging
  2. With the base laying face-down, screw in the legs
  3. Flip right-side-up and plug ‘er in!

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Resonant-Frequency Massage

Most adjustable bases on the market just shake you up like a Polaroid picture…not helpful in either case. Reverie, our manufacturing partners for the Purple™ PowerBase, have perfected their patented High Definition Massage, which “creates a motion that encourages blood flow … and cues your body to calm down.” Doesn’t that sound better than getting jostled about like a pinball?

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Zero Gravity Position

The Purple™ PowerBase Zero Gravity setting is based on NASA’s discovery of the optimal body position to reduce G-Force pressure. Scientists found that this position does more than just reduce pressure, it is an optimal position for the function of your body.

Mimics the fetal position, known for comfort and stress relief.
Elevated legs are great for those with lower back pain, swollen feet, or high blood pressure.
Gentle on your organs, so it’s perfect for soothing stomach aches and cramps.
Promotes blood flow which helps regulate temperature and allows for more effective sleep.

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Adjustable Height

The PowerBase comes with a set of three-in-one leg attachments (four 3” pieces & four 5.25” pieces), providing three height options for your bed — 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25” off the ground. They’re super easy to combine and install; they just screw into place!

3-in-one legs that screw into PowerBase

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Underbed Lighting

It’s not going to set your room ablaze, but the soft light is enough to get around without sacrificing your toes to the dresser. It points down, under your bed and emanates a pleasant glow to the rest of your room.

Purple™ PowerBase underbed lighting

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Remote Stand & Extra Outlets

Does the stand charge the remote?

It doesn’t. The remote is battery-powered and the first set of AAAs is included in the package! The stand serves two main purposes — 1) to provide a convenient place to keep the remote, and 2) to make A/C and USB outlets easily accessible so you don’t have to be a contortionist to plug your phone in at night.

How many outlets are there?

There are two A/C outlets on the back of the stand, and one USB port on the front.

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The Purple™ PowerBase App

What can the PowerBase app do that the remote can’t?

There are a couple amazing features that aren’t available with just the remote, but will be available with the soon-to-come mobile app!

When will it be available?

The app is estimated to be available for IOS devices in the Spring of 2017.

Will it be free?

Heck yeah!

Is it required?

Nope! The remote can do most everything. You only need the app for the sleep timer and alarm clock features.

Is the PowerBase compatible with other bluetooth systems, like Echo or Alexa?

This first generation of the Purple™ PowerBase isn’t compatible with voice command, but future iterations might be!

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Weights & Dimensions

Base Height (no legs)” 7”
Three-in-One Legs: 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25”
Total PowerBase: 10”, 12.25”, or 15.25”

Twin XL

Length: 80”
Width: 38”
Weight: 114 lbs


Length: 80”
Width: 60”
Weight: 144 lbs

Split King

Length: 80”
Width: 38” x2 (total 76”)
Weight: 114 lbs x2 (total 228 lbs)

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Weight Limit

The PowerBase can support up to 850 pounds, including the mattress.

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Headboard Attachments

Headboard attachments aren’t included with the PowerBase, but you can order them directly from Reverie by calling them at (800) 973-8374 (they are not listed directly on their website, so you have to call).

Footboard attachments are not available.

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Elation™ Bluetooth® Surround Sound Bed Speakers

Turn your PowerBase into a p