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How to Make the First Night on Your Purple Pure Bliss

It’s finally here in all its Purple glory. You’ve been waiting for this moment as long as you waited for Finding Dory. SPOILER ALERT: They do indeed find her.

Anyways, you are now staring eye-to-eye with a 70- to 140-pound mattress in a log and we understand it can be a little intimidating. So please, let us help you.

Purple Mattres after delivery

Bed Foundation

First things first, what are you going to put this thing on? If you want your mattress to hold up well, you’ll want to find the perfect base for your new perfect bed. You may even want to consider an adjustable bed frame!

A lot of customers ask if a traditional box spring will work with their Purple. We suggest using a box foundation and not a box spring, which is basically a box spring without actual springs in it. I know…it’s confusing. But you did order a Purple so we know you’re practically a genius and can figure it out.

No box foundation? You can always put it directly on your frame as long as it has slats that are 3″ apart or less. Other than that, anything flat and sturdy will hold it just fine!


Stretch Is Key

Now that you have found that perfect base and unrolled your mattress on top of it you’re one step closer to the nocturnal bliss you deserve! But wait! Stop what you’re doing and drop those cotton sheets! Non-stretchy sheets may make your new mattress too firm.

We have a slogan here at Purple: The stretchier, the better. Bamboo sheets are a great example. When you have some stretch between you and Purple your pressure points can sink in fully while the mattress supports the rest of your body. This goes for mattress protectors as well.

Purple has created the best sheets and the strongest mattress protector science could dream up! All the stretch, all the durability, and all the luxury you need to make your Purple experience complete perfection.

Stretchy sheets

The Perfect Pillow

Don’t slip into hibernation quite yet, you need the perfect pillow first! Everyone sleeps differently—you might be a side sleeper, your cousin on their back, a sloth hanging upside down on a branch…it’s all personal preference.

Side sleepers tend to need a thicker pillow while back sleepers need something a little thinner. If you sleep on your stomach your spine may begin to dislike you as it can mess with your alignment. Make sure you use a thin pillow and try putting a pillow underneath your lower stomach to relieve some pressure on your spine.

Side sleeping with proper spine alignment

Well there you have it, all our best advice for the perfect first night’s sleep on your Purple! Keep in mind you may have an adjustment period, which can last between 2 and 4 weeks, if your body is used to being out of alignment. Although this only effects a small percentage of people, it is something to be aware of.

Now, please crawl into those stretchy sheets and sleep like an adorable, drooling baby! Enjoy your Purple!