The World’s First
No Pressure™ Mattress

Made From our Purple® Squishy Material

    Supports your back like a firm mattress
    Cradles hips and shoulders like a soft mattress
    No compromises like a “medium- firmness” mattress
    Get the best of both worlds: firm + soft

Get a FREE Purple® Squishy!

Purple Squishies flying through space

Purple is the king of comfort, thanks to our Smart Comfort Grid™. This unique pattern transforms your mattress into a haven of comfort that will make you happier than getting free ice cream on a hot summer day. Or better yet—free bacon.

But don’t take our word for it (or do, and buy a mattress right now). Discover our Smart Comfort Grid™ technology with a free Purple® Squishy (while supplies last) and test the super awesome grid for yourself.

How to use the Purple® Squishy:


Step 1: Get cozy with it. Feel the squishy. Stick your fingers through the holes. Stretch it. Smell it. Whatever.

Step 2: Test the pressure relief. Imagine the pressure points on your body when you sleep, like your hips and shoulders. Press down on the squishy with your finger and feel how the columns directly underneath gently relax.

Step 3: Test the support. Pressure relief isn’t the only thing you need in a mattress. You also need support for areas like your lower back. To test Purple’s support, take three fingers and press down flat. Watch how the columns around your fingers stretch to bear the pressure. These walls evenly distribute pressure so you get support where you need it and relief where you don’t.

Step 4: Have some fun with it. The Purple® Squishy is brought to you by the same scientists who invented Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™. They know first hand how much fun science can be, so go have some fun with your Squishy. Use it as a stress-reliever, creativity-enhancer, or finger-gun ammo. (Billy had it coming.)

Step 5: Share your squishy. Don’t hoard your Purple® Squishy like Gollum and the Ring. If you think the squishy is cool, show your friends. Have them try the technology themselves. If you and they decide you like comfort and want more comfort in your life, try the Purple® Bed risk-free for 100 nights!

We're Currently Out Of Squishy Samples, Please Check Back Soon!

How the Science of Purple
Helps you Sleep Better


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