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What Makes Purple The Best
Travel Seat Cushion of 2019?

People are always on the move, whether it’s cruising down the open road in their car, sailing through the air on a plane, or riding the rails on a train. It might just be a quick commute to work or a globe-trotting, soul-searching sabbatical, but whatever your journey, it’s important to tackle your travels in comfort.

One convenient companion you’d absolutely want by your side (or under your backside) is a comfy travel seat cushion.

    The world's most comfortable seat cushion. Seriously.
    Sitting won’t cramp your style thanks to the anti-fatigue Smart Comfort Grid™
    Open airflow design keeps your keister cool and comfortable.
    Purple Seat Cushions keep their shape and never leave a booty impression.

What You Want In A Travel Cushion

With the incredible popularity of travel cushions, it’s no surprise that there are almost as many options and types of cushions available as there are people wanting them. Making the right choice when looking to purchase a travel cushion can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. The key difference between cushion connoisseurs with delighted derrieres and sad souls with tortured tukuses is knowing your options.

What Are Most Seat Pads Made Out Of?

Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™ (HEP) – A new contender to the travel cushion world, HEP has been making waves. With the temperature control of a gel cushion and superior pressure-relieving comfort, it’s a great option for everything from quick store runs to 30-hour voyages across the globe. For the environmentally and allergy conscious, HEP is a great choice as the polymer is hypoallergenic, vegan, and non-toxic.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ design is scientifically engineered to reduce pressure and ease discomfort. Originally invented for use in wheelchair cushions, this technology was created to offer comfort, relief, and support for those spending a lot of time in a seated position.

Memory Foam

The original purpose NASA intended for memory foam was safer aircraft cushions, not comfortable ones. Seat cushions made from memory foam are great if you’re wanting a bit of short-term cushion on your coccyx and plan to be sitting for no more than an hour. If your commute is chilly, the heat-retaining nature of memory foam could definitely be an item on the pros side of your checklist.


If you’re lugging your cushion around all day, it’s hard to beat the lightweight portability of an inflatable cushion. With a couple quick breaths it can go from flat, to soft, to firm – depending on your posterior preference.


A bit tougher than other travel seat cushion materials, gel could be the go-to option if you’re spending a lot of time in a seated position. Known to help regulate temperature and moisture, you don’t need to worry about your lower regions getting a little swampy.

Other Foams

Other common foam types are latex and polyurethane. Latex is a lighter, bouncier rubber foam often made from plant products. Polyurethane foam is a nifty creation that come from reacting derivatives of crude oil. Latex tends to be a bit softer and is better qualified for short stints of use, whereas cushions made from polyurethane are inexpensive and can take a beating.

Are You A Road Warrior With Butt Problems?

When I say butt problems, I mean does your derriere:

Pinching pain

Have a pinching in either cheek?

Back pain

Add to back tension through the day?

Poor circulation from sitting

Feel like circulation is being cut off?

Sweating when sitting

Feel like it has its own sauna?

The answer to your posterior problems has finally arrived!

Royal seat cushion


Everybody’s travel cushion needs are a little different, so too is the amount of time someone will spend atop it. Whether you’re a travel-worn trucker, making your way across the country, or a high-end executive on a business trip overseas, it’s important to know your seat cushion will be up for the challenge.

For the infrequent traveler looking for a bit of extra comfort, durability is less of a necessity and more a luxury; whereas those who travel on the daily, durability is the difference between smooth sailing and rough rides.

Latex foam or air-filled travel cushions are great options if you’re in the market for some posterior padding that doesn’t need to be used regularly. If prolonged or long-distance travel are a permanent part of your life, then travel seat cushions made with gel or HEP might become your new best friend. Memory Foam is an awkward middle ground as the material may not wear out quickly, but it’ll compress after sitting on it for an hour or so.


There’s a well known expression: “You get what you pay for.” While nobody wants to sit on a rock-hard cushion or one that goes flat after a couple minutes, it’s a pretty safe to assumption that they don’t want to break the bank for a better one either.

Travel cushions can run anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. While it’s easy to think more money automatically means better quality, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what you need before you end up with an incredibly comfortable $300 cushion that spends the year sitting in your closet.

Shop smarter, not bigger.


Every backside is as unique as the person attached to them. Whether your rear is flat and boney or delightfully rotund, it’s important to find a cushion that offers comfort and support with a shape that matches your needs.

Any quick internet search will illustrate the incredible diversity of travel cushion size and shape. From air-filled donuts to glorified rump-shaped foam slabs, there is a veritable smorgasbord of options. The most important thing is that you find a cushion that consistently supports your entire tushie while taking the pressure off your coccyx – therein lies true tailbone relief.

A couple things to keep in mind when looking at the size and shape of your cushion:

  • Dimensions — consider the size of your derriere vs the size and shape of your seat or chair.
  • Thickness — consider how boney your booty is (aka how much extra cushioning you require), how long you’ll be sitting, and how much head and leg room you’ll have.
  • Softness — consider how much support you need and your own personal comfort preference.


Imagine, for a moment, that you’ve spent the last eight hours on a sold-out flight. You’ve been smashed between two people oblivious to the concept of personal space. As soon as the plane doors open, and you burst through the seemingly endless line of passengers, you break into a sprint. You’re not sure why you thought it would be a great idea to choose a connecting flight scheduled to board the moment your first one landed (in the world’s busiest airport, no less), but here you are.

Now, imagine doing that while wrestling a giant, awkward seat cushion.

Portability is an important trait to consider when making a new travel cushion purchase. If your travels requires mobility, you’ll want a lightweight, portable, and stow-able cushion.

Special Considerations

In the case of alleviating pressure for medical conditions, not all travel cushions are created equal. For individuals with issues like sciatica or coccydynia, the struggle is real. While there are a plethora of options, both in stores and on the internet, claiming to be great for folk with unique sitting needs, it’s always a bit of a gamble. Be sure to do your research and even talk to your doctor for their recommendations before committing to a particular cushion.

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Types of Travel

Now that you’ve got a general idea of the what and the why, it’s important to consider the where. With the rapid development of transportation and travel technology, we could soon see some changes to the travel cushion industry (who needs a fancy seat cushion when you have a jetpack?). Though, for most of us, our rumps will be rooted in more mundane modes of movement for a while yet.


The average American spends a little over 293 hours a year bustling about from place to place in their car. That’s an awful lot of time spent in discomfort if you don’t have the right cushion. Look for a cushion that doesn’t add too much seat-height and won’t slide around on your sweet leather interior.


Currently one of the fastest commercial ways to travel around the globe, airplanes are often home to in-flight movies, tender tushies, and aching backs. While it’s an incredibly convenient way to travel, just remember to pass on the fish. You’ll want to look for a cushion that will stand up to the duration of the flight, fits in the smaller airplane seat, and is easy to carry between flights.

Train or Subway

A normal part of the daily commute for many city-folk, the rail system is a necessary evil and can often be uncomfortable. In more ways than one. A lightweight, and portable cushion can be the key to riding in comfort. Bet your bottom.

How Well Do Our Seat Cushions Work?

The Purple Seat Cushion is strong enough to support all your rump weight, yet it’s soft enough to keep an egg from breaking.

Why Do They Work So Well? Hint: Science

The secret is in the material and construction. Sit on your most unforgiving chairs and you will still have the happiest tail in town.