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Scientists Say a Good Night’s Sleep Helps Your Brain Reset. I Tested That Theory Using Purple’s Harmony Pillow

Your head deserves something better than the $20 pillow you purchase at the local super-center. Not only do we sleep about a third of our lives, but there’s a plethora of research that suggests sleeping soundly at night will impact your health and well-being. (One recent study found that sleep is like a deep cleaning ritual for your brain.)

One product with a wonderfully silly name that caught my attention is called the Purple Harmony Pillow — my head and brain are happier than ever.

Let me cut right to the chase: This is an outstanding pillow. It literally feels soft and supportive at the same time, like a friend who is both tough on you and understanding. I slept better, especially since the pillow uses a ton of cool technology. First off, the Harmony uses “360-degree Purple Grid Hex technology around a hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core” which not only makes me feel tired and a bit sleepy reading that but just sounds spectacular. Thank you to Purple for making a pillow that isn’t squishy and yet isn’t like sleeping on a couch cushion. They figured out how to make a pillow that helps you sleep because the technology actually worked — it felt wonderful.

The Harmony uses a moisture-wicking tech, similar to what you’ll find in a performance shirt, in that the pillow doesn’t retain any wetness or sweat. For me, it always felt dry, comfortable, soft, and supportive. Heck, you can even throw it in the wash.

I’m here to attest that a high-quality pillow is a game-changer if you have any trouble sleeping or just need to make sure problems don’t arise. I look forward to sleeping at night, knowing I will probably fall asleep faster and won’t wake up sore.