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Purple Mattress Company Makes Innovation, Quality and Safety a Sleep Priority

Through its state-of-the-art innovations, such as the Purple powder, Purple is committed to making sleep safe and snug for everyone

SALT LAKE CITY, July 18, 2017 — Purple, a comfort technology company known for creating the “World’s First No Pressure™ Mattress,” is committed to consumer safety.

“Safety has always been a number one concern for Purple,” said Sam Bernards, CEO at Purple. “We’re so committed to providing consumer-focused products that we’re making it known publicly and are openly sharing the certifications and lab results we receive for our products with consumers.”

Purple manufactures mattresses, pillows and seat cushions in Utah, and works with international partners to provide several auxiliary sleep products. Purple’s vision is to provide people with comfort technology for sitting, standing and sleeping that will help all consumers live a more comfortable life every second of every day.

Purple’s research and development team, known at Purple as the Innovation team, does just that — they innovate. Over the last 20 years, since founders Tony and Terry Pearce began inventing cushioning products, looking for creative solutions to complex problems has been a tenet of what the founders, and now Purple, stand for.

One of Purple’s most notable inventions is Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, a stretchy, durable material that covers the top portion of the Purple® Bed mattress. The purple color of the material is where Purple gets its iconic name.

“One of the major issues we ran into when trying to package the Purple® Bed for shipping was the tackiness of the Purple,” said Terry Pearce, one of Purple’s co-founders. “If the bed is rolled tightly for shipping right after it comes out of the mold, the Purple will stick to itself. This made it impossible for us to ship mattresses around the country. We began experimenting and testing new solutions until we finally found something that worked.”

That something was polyethylene copolymer powder, a powder made from one of the most commonly used plastics in the United States. The same ingredients of Purple’s powder can be found in many other products like plastic forks, milk cartons and powder cosmetics such as blush. But it was the Pearce brothers who finally figured out it could work on the mattress.

“It’s a completely non-toxic, 100 percent safe powder that keeps the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material from sticking to itself during shipping. No one else in the industry was able to figure this out, until we did,” said Pearce.

Because of Purple’s commitment to safety, the company researched the powder for its safety characteristics and had the powder independently tested to make sure it was completely harmless for consumers. Terracon did independent studies that determined the amount of powder applied to the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is so nominal, the air around it meets the standards for clean room classification. Then the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health further independently studied the material itself and determined that, even if there were high exposures, there is nothing about it that can cause harm.

“This is just one example of how the engineers at Purple are always looking for safe, innovative solutions to the problems we face as a manufacturer,” said Bernards. “But don’t expect the innovation to stop there. Our teams at Purple will never stop looking for better ways to help people feel comfortable.”

About Purple

After 20 years of creating and licensing comfort products, Tony and Terry Pearce launched Purple in January 2016. The founders have been granted 38 patents in the advanced cushioning arena. Sixteen patents pending were used in creating the World’s First No Pressure™ Mattress and future products. Purple has quickly become a leader in sleep and comfort technology. Its products change lives through dramatic improvements to the quality of sleeping, sitting and standing.

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