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Pillow Beats Kickstarter Record, Raises $2.6M

Comfort Company, Purple Inc., Breaks Several Records with Pillow Kickstarter Campaign

SALT LAKE CITY (Nov. 3, 2016) — A pillow broke several Kickstarter records in October after raising $2,640,852 in just 30 days.

The Purple® Pillow, the latest product from comfort company Purple Innovation, LLC, beat the previous Utah crowdfunding record by almost $1 million, became the 43rd most-funded Kickstarter project of all time, and the most-funded bedding product ever on Kickstarter.

In addition to the Pillow, which is available for preorder at Purple’s online store for $99, is the launch of the Purple™ Platform Base. This base, able to hold up to 4,600 lbs without bending or squeaking, is the strongest platform base on the market.

The Kickstarter launch was record breaking, but chief executive officer Sam Bernards finds something else about the launch more important.

“The most exciting thing happening for Purple right now is in the homes of our customers, who are experiencing life-changing improvements to their sleep,” Bernards said. “Purple solves pain. It’s why we exist. Every product we make and ship is the hope of one life impacted for good.”

The $2.6 million dollar campaign was the result of 17,733 backers, all looking for a solution to their sleep problems. Since the campaign, thousands more have signed up for pre-order online.

“The support we’ve received for the pillow comes from the benefits it provides,” said Savannah Turk, senior marketing strategist for Purple. “Its design helps people who wake up with shoulder or neck pain and people who sleep hot. These problems impede quality sleep, and when you’re not sleeping well, you’re not living well.”

The Purple Pillow features Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ technology. This ultra-stretchy material is great at pressure absorption, which makes the pillow ideal for head-cradling comfort.

Purple will be working through the holidays to ship almost 18,000 backers more than 26,000 pillows, but that isn’t all they’ll be working on. The company plans to launch three more products in addition to the Purple Platform Base before the end of the year, all aimed at helping people overcome pain.

About Purple

After 20 years of creating and licensing comfort products, Tony and Terry Pearce launched Purple in January 2016. The founders have been granted 34 patents in the advanced cushioning arena. Sixteen patents and pending patents were used in creating the World’s First No Pressure™ Mattress and future products. Purple has quickly become a leader in sleep and comfort technology. Its products change lives through dramatic improvements to the quality of sleeping, sitting and standing.

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