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Tuft and Needle vs Purple

The Purple® Mattress has revolutionized sleep with its Purple™ Grid technology, garnering some of the best mattress reviews on the web. But Tuft and Needle’s T&N Adaptive foam has made it a top pick for shoppers on a tight budget. So, which mattress provides the best night’s sleep? Let’s not pretend to be unbiased over here at, we know what mattress we choose to sleep on for a good night’s rest. Additionally, let’s not pretend these two mattresses should even be compared. When you’re shopping for a new car do you compare a bare-bones budget car vs a premium model from a premium car maker? It’s not even a fair comparison as they’re designed and built for different buyers.

That’s what we have here – a budget all-foam mattress vs a unique, scientifically designed mattress. Why even compare the two? Simple, you asked us to explain the difference. The differences between T&N and Purple are substantial. We’re here to help you understand why we choose to sleep on a Purple. Read on to find out how these two popular bed-in-box mattress brands compare head to head in our Tuft & Needle vs Purple mattress comparison.

Tuft & Needle vs Purple: 12 Things to Compare

  1. Mattress Build
  2. Firmness
  3. Temperature Control
  4. Motion Transfer
  5. Responsiveness
  6. Bounce
  7. Edge Support
  8. Off-Gassing
  9. Sleep Trial
  10. Shipping
  11. Warranty
  12. Price

Purple and Tuft & Needle each offer two different types of mattresses. To make this mattress comparison as comprehensive as possible, we’re going to look at all four of the options from these two mattress brands. We’ll compare the Original Purple® Mattress to the T&N Original mattress and the New® Purple Mattress to Tuft and Needle’s Mint mattress.

Buying a mattress is making an investment in your comfort and well-being for decades to come. In our Tuft & Needle and Purple mattress review, we’re going to tell you how each mattress performs so you can get a good night’s sleep when it’s time to crawl into bed.

1. Mattress Build

First, we’re going to break down each mattress, layer by layer.

The Originals

The Tuft and Needle Original All-Foam Mattress:
Cover: Plush Cover
Comfort Layer: T&N Adaptive open-cell foam
Base Layer: Supportive poly foam
Thickness: 10 inches

The Purple Mattress:
Cover: Premium Stretch Cover
Comfort Layer: The Purple™ Grid
Base Layer: Dual-layer polyurethane foam
Thickness: 9.5 inches

The Luxury Models

The Tuft & Needle Mint All-Foam Mattress:
Cover: Charcoal knit cover
Comfort Layer: T&N Adaptive open-cell poly foam
Support Layer: T&N Adaptive transition foam
Base Layer: Supportive poly foam
Total Thickness: 12 inches

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier Mattresses:
Cover: Premium StretchMax Cover
Comfort Layer: Customizable Purple™ Grid
Innerspring Layer: Responsive support wrapped coils
Total Thickness: 11-13 inches (size of Purple Grid is customizable)

The four mattresses we’re looking at today include two different mattress types and one wild card, so get ready for an exciting ride.

The Tuft & Needle mattresses, both the Original and Mint, are foam mattresses. They contain no springs and are composed entirely of different types of polyurethane foam. Foam mattresses are popular for their cloudlike, body-hugging feel, though they tend to sleep hot.

The Original Purple® Bed is a foam mattress as well, but with a wild-card twist. Purple’s comfort layer is the patented Purple™ Grid, which is an open grid design made from Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material. It has the responsiveness of coils and the body-hugging adaptiveness of foam but retains no heat.

The New Purple® mattress is a hybrid innerspring mattress, which means the Purple™ Grid is supported by responsive pocket coils instead of foam. This hybrid mattress provides the body-hugging feel of the responsive Purple Grid while adding premium comfort, bounce, minimal motion transfer, and edge support.

2. Firmness

Firm mattress

When it comes to firmness, Purple and Tuft & Needle mattresses differ quite a bit. Both of the Purple mattresses fall within the medium firm range, which provides a good night’s sleep for all sleeping positions — side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper — including combination sleepers who change sleeping positions throughout the night.

The Tuft & Needle Original is a medium firm mattress, making it a bit softer than the Purple mattresses, though still suitable for most sleepers. Heavier stomach sleepers and back sleepers may have issues though, as they may not receive the same level of support that they could from a firmer mattress.

The Tuft & Needle Mint is even softer, falling in the medium soft range. Petite sleepers may enjoy the cloudlike softness, but average to heavy sleepers — especially back and stomach sleepers — may suffer from poor pressure relief and spinal alignment. Keep in mind that the Mint mattress is completely made of foam, so disabled or elderly sleepers may have trouble changing positions or getting out of bed since it has less bounce and edge support.

3. Temperature Control

Mattress with hot temperature

Mattresses that are 100% foam, like those made by Tuft & Needle, are generally known for sleeping hot. Foam retains heat more than other materials the Purple™ Grid or responsive pocket coils.

Tuft and Needle has taken some steps to prevent heat retention, such as adding heat-wicking graphite and ceramic gel to its T&N Adaptive foam. In the end, these additions help, but we still wouldn’t recommend a 100% foam mattress to anyone who has trouble with night sweats or sleeping hot.

The Original Purple® Mattress and New Purple® Mattress are some of the best mattresses for heat diffusion. This is largely due to the temperature-neutral Purple™ Grid comfort later, which leaves 2-4 inches of open space for air to pass through.

4. Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is important for couples who share a bed. Mattresses with low motion transfer will allow one person to get in or out of bed without disturbing the other sleeper. A mattress with low motion transfer is ideal for light sleepers.

Both Purple mattresses offer low motion transfer, thanks to the Purple™ Grid. As the grid is mostly open, each square of the grid can’t transfer motion to the next.

The All-New Purple® hybrid mattress has individual pocket coils, which provide additional bounce and support while minimizing motion transfer. The pocket springs are not connected to each other, so they don’t transfer motion through the mattress.

Tuft & Needle’s mattresses also provide low motion transfer. Foam mattresses are heavier and denser, and as they contain no coils and have less bounce, and pure foam tends to transfer very little motion.

5. Responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to how each area of the mattress contours to your body for proper support and pressure relief. Due to the softness of the Tuft & Needle mattresses, they have some issues with responsiveness for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavier sleepers. This can result in pain and soreness over time. Though the Tuft & Needle would likely be fine for average-sized side sleepers and petite sleepers.

The Purple mattresses are highly responsive, thanks to the Purple™ Grid. This is one of the most innovative features of the Purple comfort layer. It is able to correctly align each part of the body without the continuous “sinking” sensation that plagues foam mattresses.

6. Bounce

Comparing bounce vs motion on different types of mattresses

As you might expect, mattresses with coils provide the best bounce, making the New Purple® Mattress the clear winner here. Bounce is important for mobility in bed, getting in and out of bed, and sharing intimate moments with your partner.

The Original Purple® Mattress also maintains some decent bounce, though heavier sleepers may prefer the hybrid version.

Foam mattresses are typically known for having the least bounce. The custom T&N Adaptive foam has a bit more bounce than other types of heavy memory foam, but bounce levels are still minimal.

7. Edge Support

People who sleep on the edge of the mattress or frequently sit on the side of the bed need a mattress with adequate edge support. Once again, coil mattresses take the cake here, as coils offer the same responsiveness and support throughout the mattress. The New Purple® Mattress take edge support to a whole new level by creating a barrier of dense border support foam around the responsive pocket coils to bolster edge support and improve stability.

Most foam mattresses have poor edge support, and soft foam mattresses have even less. Tuft and Needle does not score well in this area, as their mattresses are on the softer side of the scale.

8. Off-Gassing

Off-gassing is when a mattress lets off a harmless yet unpleasant odor for a few days after it’s been taken out of the box. This usually occurs only with traditional memory foam, and even gel-infused memory foam, though it’s a common issue in most mattresses that are 100% foam.

Tuft & Needle’s mattresses can at times off-gas for longer periods of time, according to online mattress reviews, though again, this is harmless and goes away eventually.

Purple mattresses do not have off-gassing issues. Made with 100% non-toxic, CertiPUR-US certified foam, you can rest easy knowing your Purple contains no toxins or irritating chemicals.

9. Sleep Trial

It can take time to adapt to a mattress, so a lengthy sleep trial is a must. Mattress companies usually offer a sleep trial of at least 60 days and include a full money-back guarantee in the case that the sleeper is unsatisfied.

Tuft & Needle and Purple offer a 100-night sleep trial which includes free shipping and free mattress removal in the case that you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

10. Shipping

All Tuft & Needle and Purple mattresses ship for free. They ship compressed in a box or bag. Upon delivery, you will need to carefully unpack the mattress and wait about 24 hours for it to take its full shape.

The All-New Purple mattress is delivered uncompressed. White-glove service and the removal of your old mattress are available options. All mattresses are typically delivered within 7-14 days, though Tuft & Needle offers same-day shipping in certain areas for an additional $50.

11. Warranty

A mattress with a good warranty is an indicator of mattress lifespan and quality. Both Tuft & Needle and Purple provide a limited 10-year warranty. It is important to keep in mind that these warranties only cover defects in the manufacturing process (or damage as a result of defects), so make sure to purchase a mattress protector to keep your investment safe.

12. Price

Let’s look at the different prices and mattresses sizes of Purple and Tuft & Needle.

Mattress SizePrice
 Original PurpleT&N OriginalAll-New Purple.2T&N Mint
Twin XL$699$395$1299$645
Full (Double)$899$495$1499$845
California King$1299$750$1899$1145

As you can see, the Purple mattress prices are a bit higher than the Tuft & Needle. But, as Purple outperforms Tuft & Needle in quality and comfort, this is no surprise. Orders placed through Purple’s website include a free gift in the form of bamboo bed sheets or a deluxe pillow set.

The responsive support coils and unique Purple Grid are higher-cost and high-performance components. You’ll benefit from a good night’s sleep that can’t be matched by Tuft & Needle.

If you’re a discount shopper and you need a cheap bed fast, Tuft & Needle is an affordable option, offering a decent level of comfort and a range of bed sizes. But if you’re looking to make an investment in great sleep for years to come, we recommend choosing Purple.

Tuft and Needle vs Purple: The Verdict

When it comes to comfort and support, there’s really no contest between these mattresses. Purple rises to the top in each category, for every sleep position. The only real consideration is price. Purple mattresses are a bit more expensive than Tuft & Needle mattresses, but as the saying goes — you get what you pay for. Do you want to spend 1/3 of your life in a bare-bones budget car or a premium luxury vehicle? There’s room for both mattresses in the mattress market. Here’s a simple question you need to ask yourself – is the extra money worth years of extra comfort and better sleep. The answer is clear – yes, yes it is!

Purple took a risk by investing in high-quality mattress components and inventing entirely new technology. This results in higher costs compared to economy mattresses, but Purple’s strategy has certainly paid off. Purple mattresses deliver unrivaled pressure relief, support, breathability, and comfort, thanks to the Purple™ Grid comfort layer and the use of high-quality support foam and wrapped coils.

Tuft & Needle mattresses have some custom-designed components, but they appeal to fewer types of sleepers in terms of comfort. However, T&N makes up for it with an attractive price point.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of satisfied T&N customers, but the mattresses are simply less versatile. For example, we can’t recommend a Tuft & Needle mattress to the following:

  • Anyone who needs a firmer mattress
  • People who weigh over 220 lbs.
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers

Purple caters to all of these sleepers and more. When it comes to a great night’s sleep, making the investment in a great mattress is worth it. That’s why we recommend Purple over Tuft & Needle when you’re shopping for a comfortable, new bed.