The Purple Face Mask

The Greatest Pillow Ever Invented is Now a Mask

We took the best materials from the greatest pillows ever invented and reimagined them to create the most comfortable, breathable, reusable face mask ever. Only Purple brings you a face mask specifically designed to be comfortable for hours at a time.

Ear Bands That Fix Ear Band Problems

We innovated an ear band so comfortable, you’ll forget elastic ever chafed your ears. We engineered special machines in our US-based factory to produce bands made with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer® we use in the Purple Grid and created ultra-comfortable ear bands that are temperature-neutral and can stretch up to 400% their resting size without ever losing shape.

Functional and Amazingly Comfortable

Experience the face mask you don’t want to take off. For the inner and outer layers, we used the moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh from our famously cool pillows that have a cover so soft, we hear that some people prefer to sleep without pillowcases!

We’ve also added a built-in 100% cotton layer to the breeze mesh to construct a comfortable mask that aligns with CDC recommendations for use of cloth face coverings, so you’ve got yourself a mask that’s not only functional, but incredibly comfortable.

Take Comfort Everywhere You Go

The Purple Face Mask is the world’s only mask designed with true comfort in mind. Every layer and material has been specially picked for its incredible comfort, refreshing coolness, and unmatched durability. Enjoy!

Designed To CDC Guidelines