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Are you a dreamer?

At Purple, we exist to solve pain. That means we dedicate significant resources to dreaming up the best pain-solving products out there and then make them a reality. However, we can’t, and shouldn’t do that alone.

Official dream team invitation.

We need input and real feedback from real people. So if you're real (which we assume you are) and want to share your ideas about helping yourself and others feel better, we want you to be part of our Dream Team.

At Purple we innovate through what we call Dream Teams—small groups of people who are passionate and totally focused on solving customers’ pain.

We invite you to be part of our Dream Teams. This may mean answering surveys, participating in video calls, giving feedback on prototypes, etc. Every project will probably be different, but we want you to be part of the team to make these dreams realities.

Let's Sweeten the Deal

When you join the Purple Dream Team, you have a chance to really help people. Plus, you may get a first shot at the products you helped us create.

We want to reward Dream Team members with things like free-prototypes or discounted first access to the products you were involved in creating. How cool is that?!

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Do you dream in Purple?

We promise to respect your time so Dream Team involvement as meaningful as possible. We will reach out to with invitations to participate on projects based on the profile you fill out when you sign-up. Participation may include survey responses (we try to keep them short), 30 minute video calls, and giving feedback on prototypes of products.

We won’t ask you to participate in every survey or focus group, especially if the topic isn’t relevant to you, and you’re welcome to decline participation. We want you to be involved only if you want to.

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By joining our Dream Team, you become a part of the Purple tribe. Your ideas and opinions will be heard and acted on. Your insights will inform the Purple products of the future. Purple exists to help the world feel better, and we hope you’ll help us achieve our goal.

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