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Purple Platform Base Elevate Your Sleep On
The Metal Platform Bed Frame

Great Sleep Needs a Strong Foundation

Simple. Strong. Storage-friendly. Everything you need to elevate your bedroom. The Purple Platform Base is simple to set up, ultra-sturdy, and has plenty of under-bed storage space.

So Simple.

Setup is a snap! Forget tools and incomprehensible instructions — just unfold the Platform and click the legs into place.

So Strong.

The Purple Platform Base is proven to hold over 2,000 pounds and has polypropylene joint buffers to help prevent squeaking.

So Spacious.

Make space and get organized by easily storing all your bits and bobbles under 13 inches of clearance!

The Purple Platform Base comes with:

1 Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Headboard Attachments

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Purple Platform Base hold my Purple Mattress?

Absolutely! The Purple Platform Base is a great, simple foundation for any Purple Mattress.

How long does it take to set up the Purple Platform Base?

In most cases, just a couple minutes (even less if you want to want to make it a race). Just unfold the Purple Platform Base and snap the legs into place.

How much can I store under the Purple Platform Base?

The Purple Platform Base has 13 inches of clearance space under the bed platform, which means you can organize and store quite a bit, which is especially handy in small spaces.

Can I use the Purple Platform Base for non-Purple mattresses?

Of course! The Purple Platform Base makes for a great foundation for virtually any standard type of mattress...except maybe waterbeds.

How much weight can the Purple Platform Base hold?

The Purple Platform Base has a solid metal construction, making it super strong; it passed over a dozen rigorous durability tests and is proven to hold over 2,000* pounds.

*As tested on a King, Cal King, Queen, and Full Platform Base. Twin/Twin XL designed to hold up to 1,000 LBS.

What is a platform bed?

A platform base bed is a sturdy base designed to hold a mattress and which does not require the extra support of a box spring or other mattress foundation.

Complete the Purple Sleep System

There’s more to a bed than a mattress and foundation. The Purple Sleep System has everything you need for the most comfortable sleep experience possible. Every product works together to unlock a whole ‘nother level of comfort.

Elevate your sleep On the Purple Platform Base.

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