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Why Most Mattresses Sleep HOT
(Except this one)


Sleeping hot

Chances are it’s not you, it’s your mattress.

Most mattresses don’t breathe. Memory foam, latex, even foam with “cooling” gel beads are hot because there is no place for air to flow.

These materials are either completely solid or have very small airways that allow for little ventilation.

But not all mattresses sleep like that.

Best color ever
Purple is officially the best color ever, just because of this mattress. Me and my boyfriend have constant back pain from sleeping, and he overheats too. No more back pain and cool sleeping for us now. Love love love this mattress!!!

~ Melina L. 5-Star Review

To sleep cool, get a mattress that breathes!

Purple breathes and promotes airflow to keep you sleeping soundly as Goldilocks here.

Ventilation is the key to sleeping just right—not too hot, and not too cold. Purple achieves the ultimate sleep comfortability by combining a totally new material with a totally unique design.

Goldilocks cool

50 days and still loving the Purple Bed
I have had my bed for close to 50 days and I have to say I have never slept so well in my life. I wake up feeling refreshed and all my aches gone. One other thing that has to be pointed out, this bed does not get hot like other foam mattresses. In fact, it stays at a perfect temperature in my opinion, not too hot – not too cold…but just right. 5 stars for this bed!

~ Lance B. 5-Star Review

How it works

First, we take Hyper-Elastic Polymer™—an ultra-stretchy, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, lots-of-hyphens
kind of material—and we put it on top of high-quality foam. We organize
this material in a 2-inches-tall by 1-inch-wide grid.


  • For deep sleep, you want less stimuli. If your mattress is too hot, it wakes you up. If it’s too cold, it wakes you up.
  • What you really want is your mattress to be temperature neutral—and if it aligns your spine at the same time, you have a recipe for incredible sleep.
  • Purple is crafted in a grid formation that helps it breathe. Instead of sleeping directly on foam, like you do with most mattresses, Purple elevates your body above the foam so air can flow freely.

It’s not just temperature! You also need your spine aligned

The walls that make up Purple’s Smart-Comfort Grid™ relax underneath pressure points while pulling to support areas like the lower back. This balances weight distribution and keeps the entire body in correct alignment.

Spine aligned

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