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Mattress Foundations: What’s the Best One For You?

What Kind of Mattress Foundation Fits Your Lifestyle?

Your sleep system should be tailored to your life. Often overlooked as a humdrum article of furniture, your the foundation has the potential to be the perfect juxtaposition of function and fashion, benefiting your life in ways a boring box spring never could.

Young brunette girl stretching on mattress in trendy blue bedroom.

From high-tech adjustable beds that would make a robot swoon, to a simple yet sturdy platform bed with storage, what you rest your mattress on before you rest your head matters. When you think about what you want from your bed frame — aside from keeping your mattress off the floor and looking good in your room — consider the following:

  • Does it add to the comfort of your mattress?
    Whether it’s elevating your head and feet to relieve pressure on your spine, a gentle massage, or simply staying put without squeaking or swaying, your foundation should be a welcome addition to your sleep system.
  • What are the benefits?
    These can range from extra storage underneath to pleasing aesthetics, all the way to the unexpected, yet amazing health benefits of adjustable bed frames.
  • What are the features?
    • Does it make it easier to read in bed or work on your laptop?
    • Does it have relaxing features like massagers?
    • Can you adjust the amount of space under the bed?
    • Does it fly?!
      Okay…I don’t know of any that do that, but if you find one let us know!
    • Does it connect to your smartphone?
  • Do those benefits and features justify the cost?
    Certain luxuries don’t come cheap, but the value they add to your bed, sleep, and life are well worth the investment if you can afford it (or if you can finance it)!
  • Do you switch up your living situation a lot?
    In other words, does it need to be easily portable? How cool would it be if it folded up in all of it’s light-weight, durable glory to fit in the back of your car?
    That lightness would also come in handy if you rearrange your furniture a lot.
  • What do you hate about your current bed frame that you’d like to avoid with the next one?
    Any of these sound familiar?

    • Squeaky
    • Heavy
    • Unreliable
    • Sharp shin-magnet corners
    • Boring or ugly
    • Perhaps you need a little extra storage spaceYou don’t have to live this way! There’s an amazing foundation out there just for you.

Find Your Mattress Foundation

If only there were a quick, fun way to help you decide. Hold on…we just found this awesome quiz in our back pocket to do just that! You can use it if you want…we’re just that nice.

Now you’re just a few questions away from true mattress-foundational clarity.

Don’t be shy about sharing on social! The foundation of a great friendship simple: friends don’t let friends sleep on crappy bed frames.

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