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Sleep and Aging: What’s Your Real Sleep Age? [Quiz]

Are you an old soul sleeping in a millennial’s body or an oldy-but-goody with the sleep habits of a twenty-something…or somewhere in between? Either way, poor sleep habits could be making you feel older, but none-the-wiser.

Sleep Well, Dream Bigger

You might be surprised how your body’s sleep needs change with age (or maybe you’re finding out the hard way). There are plenty of simple ways you can take charge of your sleep habits in order to live your dream life! From making a few extra bucks to traveling the world, age-appropriate sleep can help get you there.

I’ll bet you an imaginary quarter we can guess how “mature” your sleep habits are! Take this quiz and prove me right!


How did we do? Share this with your friends and see if we can guess theirs too! Double or nothing on the imaginary quarter!

Useful Articles Regarding Age and Sleep

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