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How to Organize Under Bed Storage

bed frame with under bed storage

Clutter can be a huge distraction. When your bedroom feels disorganized, you can feel less relaxed in your space—and that can even lead to less restful sleep. Banish clutter and create a peaceful bedroom oasis with a few smart under bed storage tips.

5 Tips to Organize Under Bed Storage

  • Select Your Under Bed Storage Containers
  • Choose Wheeled Under Bed Solutions
  • Lift Your Bed Frame for More Storage Space
  • Use Space-Saving Compression Bags
  • Add a Bed Skirt to Conceal Under Bed Storage

Many people do tuck some items under their beds, but the process is often random and unorganized. A little thought and planning can help keep your space neat and tidy.

Typically, items stored under the bed don’t get used every day. Off-season clothes are great candidates for under bed storage. Also, if you have a collection or mementos that you just can’t part with but don’t want to display in your home, store them under your bed.

With under bed storage, you can free up closets and drawers for the items that you access frequently. If you’ve invested in a top-quality mattress and bed foundation, designing optimal under the bed storage can be your next step. A streamlined bedroom that’s free of distracting clutter can help you get the relaxation and superior night’s sleep that you deserve.

1. Select Your Under Bed Storage Containers

Without storage containers, your under bed space can quickly turn into clutter. Have you ever reached under the bed and pulled out a mishmash of stray socks, last season’s sports gear, and a book you thought was lost forever? Then you know the pains of a disorganized under bed storage area.

The happy news is that you can choose from an array of under-bed storage options in every price range. Simple plastic bins with a long, thin shape are ideal for tucking items under your bed and they won’t break the bank, either. You can also select stylish under bed storage baskets, which are perfect if your storage area will peek out from under your bed frame. Fabric bins, some with zippered closures, are also available. Also, you can find some bins specifically designed for shoes or linens. Stylish wood bins are another great choice that can work in rustic or modern decor.

Put Your Luggage to Work

Another idea is to use your luggage as storage containers. After all, luggage can be bulky and take up tons of space in a closet. But it’s easy to lay flat and tuck under a bed. Plus, suitcases can have ample storage space and lots of pockets for stashing items under the way. If you have a set of luggage on hand, you could have the perfect under bed storage solution already in your reach without having to purchase anything.

Can’t afford to splurge on the perfect under bed storage set up right now? Look around your home for options. A few shipping boxes or plastic bins can be a good place to start.

2. Choose Wheeled Under Bed Storage Solutions

Here’s a pro organizing tip: look for under bed storage containers with wheels. Since under-bed space is narrow, it can be a challenge to move or extricate items when you need them. But if your containers are on wheels, under bed organization will be so much easier.

Many under bed storage solutions have built-in wheels. You can find them on everything from inexpensive clear plastic bins to high-end wood storage boxes from premier retailers.

If you’re the DIY type, you can find clever ways to add wheels to baskets and bins. Also, look for ways to repurpose other items around your house. Have a hand-me-down dresser with a dated style? Take out the drawers, add wheels, and create your very own under bed storage drawers. With a little ingenuity, you can find many options for under bed storage with wheels.

3. Lift Your Bed Frame for More Space

While you can opt for low profile under bed storage, giving yourself more vertical space can offer you extra storage. Bed risers can be a huge asset when you want to keep your bedroom in pristine order.

You may be familiar with the chunky plastic risers that are a mainstay of college dorms. Fortunately, there are plenty of other choices available that can complement your bed frame or décor. A few minutes of online research can turn up many stylish bed riser designs.

Have wood bedroom furniture? Risers are available in many wood tones from warm honey to rich espresso. You can even find unfinished risers that you can stain to match your bedroom furniture. If your style is more contemporary, you may want to look at metal risers, which are available in many colors from brass to matte black. Metal risers are also a great solution if you have a metal platform bed frame.

By lifting your bed with risers, you can use bins or baskets that are a bit taller. That way, you gain many more options for arranging your under-bed storage and can fit more under your bed too. Risers offer you an easy, low-cost way to gain additional storage and keep your home clean and clutter-free.

4. Use Space Saving Compression Bags or Storage Cubes

Need to store bulky items like sweaters, comforters, or jackets? Compression bags just may become your new best friend. These handy plastic bags let you pack in bulky items and extricate all the air in the bag. You may be able to reduce the bulk of the items you’re storing significantly—and that can let you fit more in all your under bed storage containers.

Some compression bags rely on a vacuum to suck out air. Others seal like a typical freezer bag but have a valve that you use to squeeze out excess air. The latter are primarily designed for travel use. Once you’ve safely tucked your items into compression bags, you can feel confident that they’re safeguarded against dust and pests.

Compression bags come in a range of prices and sizes. Since compression bags are made of plastic, higher price tags usually signal higher-quality plastics. It may be worth it to spend a bit more to avoid rips and tears so you can use your compression bags for several years.

Another space-saving option to consider is a travel mainstay—the storage cube. Often made of fabric or plastic, these cubes help travelers organize clothing and necessity in suitcases. You can stash items—such as clothes and linens—in storage cubes and organize them in your under bed storage bins or boxes. Storage cubes are the perfect solution if you’re using your luggage for under bed storage. You can choose the size that’s right for your needs—from small ones for accessories to large ones for bulkier items.

5. Add a Bed Skirt to Conceal Under Bed Storage

To conceal your under-bed storage, simply add a bed skirt. If you associate bed skirts with the overly-stuffy and out-of-date decor of days gone by, you should give them a second look. Many contemporary stores have bed skirt options for today’s most stylish homes.

Instead of the pleats and lace that can appear outdated, you may want to consider a linen bed skirt with square corners. These styles of linen bed skirt designs can look both modern and relaxed. They pair clean lines with forgiving fabric that looks on-trend even with a few rumples and wrinkles. Choose neutrals or a color that pairs well with your bedding.

Stylish bed skirts are available in other fabrics too. Cotton is another popular choice, but you can splurge on opulent silk or plush velvet. Whatever you choose, a bed skirt can help you keep your under bed storage boxes and containers out of sight.

Streamline Your Bedroom Space with Under Bed Storage

Over time, most homes accumulate some excess clutter. Even if you’re the most devoted decluttering diehard, you likely have some items that you don’t use year-round. Storing less-used items under the bed may be the best option.

No matter which bed or mattress size you have, you can find an under the bed storage arrangement that works. For example, let’s say you have dual twin beds in a guest room and a California king in your bedroom. A little research will uncover the many sizes and styles of under the bed storage containers and help you devise the perfect fit for each bedroom.

To recap: Wheeled storage containers let you access your items or reconfigure your storage space with ease. To fit more into your storage containers, consider compression bags or packing cubes. Packing cubes help you organize items like clothes or linens into zippered containers that you can tuck into bins or boxes under your bed. Another great idea is to lift your bed using risers. You can select slightly taller storage containers and fit more of your items into them. As a final touch, you can add a bed skirt. They’re back in style and perfect for hiding under bed storage.

Don’t let bedroom clutter keep you from a cozy home and restful night’s sleep. Put the space under your bed to good use as an organized storage area. You’ll keep your closets and drawers free of excess items while ensuring those everyday necessities are in easy reach.

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