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Spring Cleaning Checklist – Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring Cleaning for the Head, the Heart, and the Home

There’s nothing like a good spring cleaning bonanza to make the world feel new. If you let it, cleaning can actually be wonderfully therapeutic. It can help you feel more in control, is a good outlet for pent up emotional energy, and is a great time for active meditation.

Since your brain tends to reflect your environment, a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Spring is the perfect time to clear away the cobwebs and the stress — everything is bright and colorful, the weather’s warming up just enough to work outside (or with the windows open) without melting, and it just seems like the world is getting a fresh start.

Gloved hand holding a purple bucket with cleaning supplies and flowers.

Whether you’re seeking the catharsis of clearing away the clutter or just need a good outlet, cleaning is effective, doesn’t require a degree in psychology, and is generally produces a better outcome than going postal…so go crazy!

Is the Sound of Clean Calling Your Name?

Life is busy and it’s easy to not notice how much the clutter and dust build up over time. And you know what? That’s just fine. Your home is meant to be lived in…that life just tends to build up in the nooks and crannies. Sometimes you need to take a good hard look around you and realize that it’s time to say goodbye to the subtle chaos that has accumulated.

Take this quiz to find out if you’re long overdue for a thorough cleaning this spring. There’s a fantastically helpful checklist waiting for you at the end to get the party started!


Got the cleaning bug already? Go straight to the checklist!