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What Does the Purple Team Have Going on in 2017?

What’s the best thing about Purple? The hard working, upbeat employees of course! They truly make Purple the best company on earth. We wanted to introduce you to a few (of the many) who make Purple such a cheerful and successful company and hear what their New Year’s resolutions include.

Check out this article for your own New Years Resolution Ideas with tips on accomplishing them! 

Meet Some of Our Purple-ites!


Meet Connor, our shipping coordinator. His “best day ever” would likely consist of a dinner date with his beautiful wife with some Italian food on a calm fall evening.

When we asked him what his New Year’s resolution was he simply replied, “My New Year’s resolution is to not wait until January 1st to change my life.”

He promptly “mic dropped” his notebook and walked out of the room.

Well put, Connor. Well put.


Kaisa, our day time lead in Customer Delight, is a beautiful mother of six. Her superpower of choice would be to help everyone think more positively and make every day a happy one! We’re sure she already possesses that superpower.

For her New Year’s resolution Kaisa would like to email her daughter everyday while she is living in Louisville, Kentucky for the next year!


One of our warehouse supervisors, Mike, always seems to have a smile on his face! He loves his job here at Purple, but loves being at home with his kid watching a Cowboys game even more.

This year he’s determined to hit the gym more often.

Photo bomb cred: Production Crew


Sherri, our seat cushion queen, hopes to work on her memory this coming year. Specifically her ability to remember first names.

On the weekends you’ll find her camping with a s’more in hand.

Good luck with that resolution, uh…what was it…Sherri!


All Chuck wants in 2017 is to make it to Lambeau Field for a Green Bay Packers game. His goal is to enter every giveaway until he wins a pair of tickets!

Although he works for Purple, his favorite color is blue. We forgive you, Chuck.


This ray of sunshine is part of our IT team! Jessica spends her Friday nights watching “She’s The Man” while eating chocolate creamies and edamame.

Her New Year’s resolution is to work on her emotional and physical health. Healthy = Happy!


Meet Carlos. He takes care of our receiving and quality control.

This year Carlos plans on proposing to his long-time girlfriend! He would love to honeymoon in Sweden where the sights are as amazing as the chocolate.


JJ, our hard-working Creative Director, has a small obsession with orange tic-tacs and cheesy 80s films. She would love to go back to “the good ol’ days” when life was all about drag races and playing hide-n-seek.

In 2017 her goal is to dance like it’s 2999. In fact, she just wants to dance more in general.


This Is Karla and she works hard on our production line!

We couldn’t help but smile when she told us all about her goals to invest in a house and a better future for her kids and extended family. She hopes to take care of her family this year.

She loves going to the movies with her kids on the weekends!

Thanks for being awesome, Karla.


Chrissy would love to further her education in 2017 and on her days off get her landscaping done! This snowboarder would love to learn to surf on the island of Fiji, she hears they have the best waves out there!

Chrissy does a plethora of things here at Purple and we wouldn’t stay afloat without her!


Our CEO, Sam, would like to run a half marathon up and down Provo Canyon (a beautiful canyon here in Utah) before the snow melts! He only has a few more months, but he’s determined!

After completing his half marathon he would love to celebrate by experiencing the deep outdoors of Alaska in the summer months. Outside of work Sam loves spending time with his four kids and romancing his wife. We just love this guy!

Happy New Year from Purple!

Well my friends, there you have it. We have grown so quickly in the last year it can be hard to keep up! We’re lucky to have these spunky employees that take every day on with a smile. Go Purple and all the people who made 2016 a year to remember! 2017, we’re ready for ya!


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