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Where You Live Might Determine How You Sleep

recent global study shows where you’re from probably determines how you sleep and — more importantly — how WELL you sleep. The University of Michigan used data from a free smartphone app that analyzed the sleeping patterns of 5,400 people across 100 countries. View the entire thing here. Some notables results include:

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Why Your Brain Needs Sleep [Infographic]

If anything loves sleep, it’s your brain. Sleep helps your brain to all kinds of brain things — like better memory, judgement, mood, and creativity. So if you have a brain, check out the infographic we made below and get better sleep!

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This 1 Hour Therapy Is The New Cure For Insomnia

If you’re one of the 60 million Americans suffering from insomnia, you may be able to get some quick relief using various routines that calm the brain and body. And apparently it may only take an hour before bed time (11 specific techniques are mentioned at the bottom of this article).

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Quiz: What Does Your Sleep Say About Your Personality?

Your subconscious mind, plus your lifetime of habits, controls just about everything involved with sleep. What you dream about, your sleeping position, your bedtime routine, it’s all connected. There are all kinds of sleepers in this world and how you sleep means a lot to what kind of person you are!

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Connected & Restless: How New Technology is Affecting Our Sleep [Infographic]

When you’re tired after a long day, there’s nothing like getting into your pajamas, crawling into bed and … staring into the harsh light of your smartphone for an hour? Technology can both help and hurt your sleep every night. With 60% of Americans admitting to sleep problems, and 95% of people saying they look at their smart phone right before bed, tech could be why we’re so exhausted!

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How Much Sleep Do Kids And Adults Really Need?

The number of hours you sleep each night is critical for your health and mental well being. BUT, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for how many hours you should sleep every night. That all depends on how old you are, how active you are, your lifestyle, what’s in your DNA, and lots of other things.

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Back Pain Relief: How to Sleep With Less Pain [Infographic]

Are you getting enough sleep? Unfortunately, many of us don’t. As much as half the population in the United States say they have sleeping problems. And pain is often the culprit. But it doesn’t have to be. Checkout this graphic we made around real science and data about the association of sleep and pain. We also give you some tips to reduce pain while you’re sleeping:

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