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Purple’s Picks: Modern Dresser

Why store away that sleek cocktail dress or pinstripe suit in a dresser that doesn’t match your style? Check out Purple’s picks for modern dressers to add some class to your space.

Tall Rounded 5-Drawer Dresser

Tall Rounded 5-Drawer Dresser

This dresser is definitely taking a bit of inspiration from ‘70s mid-century modern design. Rounded edges and tapered legs contrast well with simple drawer handles and a two-tone white and wood design. [Rove Concepts]

Minimalist White Ash Dresser

Minimalist White Ash Dresser

Modern home decor is all about simplicity, and this dresser provides you with just that. Minimalist white ash wood and sleek, sharp lines make this the perfect addition to your modern bedroom. [Rove Concepts]

7-Drawer Modern Dresser

7-Drawer Modern Dresser

Dark mahogany wood and gold details come together to create a sleek modern dresser. 7-drawers provide ample space for all your modern wear, while the brushed brass hardware adds a glamorous old-Hollywood flair. [Universal Furniture]

Matte Black and Wood Mid-Century Modern Dresser

Matte Black and Wood Mid-Century Modern Dresser

If you’re on the fence about whether you’re going for a modern or mid-century modern look, consider this dresser that is the perfect combination of both. The matte black frame and dresser drawer handles are definitely modern while the tapered legs and wood drawers add a mid-century modern flair. [RavenswoodRevival on Etsy]

Dark Wood Modern Dresser

Dark Wood Modern Dresser

What makes this dresser especially unique is the grey and ebony textural design on the dresser drawers. Brass details add an elegant and modern finish to an otherwise minimalist dresser. [merakihomedesign on Etsy]

Two-Tone Modern Dresser

Two-Tone Modern Dresser

Available in a variety of colors and finishes, this modern chest dresser is made out of 100% solid wood and features simple lines for the perfect minimalist modern look. [Romina Furniture]

Geometric Modern Dresser

Geometric Modern Dresser

For more of a statement piece, consider this modern dresser with a geometrically striped applique. This dresser would pair well with a minimalist modern bed frame. [Romina Furniture]

What Makes A Dresser Modern Anyways?

Modern home design is often confused with mid-century modern design, though there are a few distinguishable differences. Mid-century modern design appreciates colorful rooms and furniture and features specific details such as wood frames, tapered legs, and diamond-shaped handles and hardware. Modern home design typically features clean, sharp lines, neutral colors and minimal decor throughout.

Modern dressers are typically made out of finished hardwood and feature standard clean lines, minimalist hardware, and neutral tones. Some modern dressers will feature tapered legs, paying homage to the mid-century modern dressers that came before.

DIY Modern Dresser

The best part about modern design is that the clean, simple shapes lend themselves perfectly to DIY projects. A DIY project that isn’t too complex makes approaching the project that much easier. If you want to save a buck and create your very own modern dresser from scratch, check out some of our favorite projects below.

Simple Modern Dresser

Don’t be fooled, though this dresser looks simple, you’ll need a bit of woodworking experience to pull off this project. This dresser features tapered legs and handleless drawers to provide you with a modern addition to your bedroom. Leave the wood as-is or treat it with a dark stain to up your modern vibes. [YouTube]

Upcycled Modern Pine Dresser

Who doesn’t love a good rags-to-riches story? This modern dresser is made out of an upcycled pine dresser, and you won’t even recognize it by the time you’re done with this project. [YouTube]

Modern Legless 12-Drawer Dresser

Though this dresser was designed with a specific space in mind, the size is perfect to store away all your clothing with room to spare. Twelve large drawers offer ample space while the legless and handle-free design adds a modern flair. Contrasting natural and white wood make for a two-tone design that’s simple yet eye-catching. [YouTube]

DIY Modern Patchwork Dresser

If you’re looking for a bit of a woodworking challenge, consider this DIY patchwork wood dresser. You can create a one-of-a-kind modern dresser by choosing a unique mix of woods and stains. [YouTube]

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