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Purple’s Picks: Modern Beds

Let’s be honest, your sense of style is the best. You like all things classy, sleek, and modern. You love reading interior design magazines and appreciate an abstract painting. Match your bed to your personality with Purple’s Picks for modern beds.

Cohen Modern Bed

cohen modern bed

Modern interior design focuses on simple, yet elegant decor that isn’t too showy. This sleek and minimalist modern bed features a high-back upholstered headboard. [Rove Concepts]

Upholstered Modern Bed

upholstered modern bed

For a modern bed that features lighter tones, consider this platform option from Universal Furniture. The upholstered headboard adds some brightness to your space while providing your head with a nice place to rest while you’re up late reading (or watching tv, we won’t judge). [Universal Furniture]

Soren Modern Bed

soren modern bed

The sleek legs on this bed are definitely inspired by mid-century modern designs of the ’70s. Neutral bedding and matching bedside tables complete the look. [Rove Concepts]

Lucca Platform Modern Bed

lucca platform modern bed

This platform bed is modern simplicity at its finest. Comfy and cozy while maintaining clean and elegant lines. [Joybird]

Modern Leather Upholstered Bed

modern leather upholstered bed

The leather headboard on this modern bed lends itself to a more masculine style that is still elegant and sophisticated. The wood legs take inspiration from mid-century modern design aesthetics. [BeautyBreadWoodshop on Etsy]

Distressed Wood Modern Bed

distressed wood modern bed

Modern bedroom design gets a farmhouse twist in this bed from Etsy. The platform design is very modern while the simple distressed wood brings subtle country vibes to your space. [UrbanBilly on Etsy]

Harlow King Canopy Modern Bed

harlow king canopy marlow bed

Something about canopy beds brings about images of more regal and elegant times. That feeling is certainly present in this brushed brass modern bed fit for a queen (or king). [Universal Furniture]

Modern Bed With Wings

modern bed with wings

For another platform bed that features an upholstered headboard, check out this modern bed from Universal Furniture. The winged headboard design extends your bed even further, giving the illusion of a larger bed. Pair it with modern art-inspired bedside tables and matching lamps to tie the look together. [Universal Furniture]

What Makes A Bed Modern Anyway?

Modern interior design can take many shapes and forms, but in general, you’ll see an emphasis on minimalism, clean lines, and an open-concept layout. The first real inception of modern design was in the late ’40s when the mid-century modern craze took over homes nationwide.

While mid-century modern design ended in the late ’70s, it has made a popular resurgence in recent years. Mid-century modern and modern design are quite similar, though modern design is a bit more minimalist and less colorful. When it comes to modern beds, there are a few characteristics you’ll commonly see: clean lines, simple bedding, and the use of neutral colors and natural materials.

Clean Lines

In modern beds, you will rarely find romantic, curvy angles on the headboard and bed frame. Instead, you’ll find clean, straight edges that make for a bed that’s a bit minimalist. Square headboards and square platforms with a mattress on top is standard.

Simple Bedding

To go with the theme of simple, sleek, and minimalist, you will rarely find a modern bed paired with bedding that has a diverse array of colors and patterns. Alternatively, simple, neutral bedding accentuates the clean and modern lines of the bed.

Neutral Colors & Natural Materials

Unlike mid-century modern design, you won’t often find bright punches of color in your modern bedroom. Instead, the decor is centered around grays, blues, browns, white, and black tones. As for materials, modern bed frames can be made out of metal, though most often you’ll find wood options. This is due in part to the fact that mid-century modern design emphasizes the use of natural building materials.

DIY Modern Bed Frames

If you’re feeling crafty and like you want to save a few bucks, there are a variety of DIY modern bed frame projects available online. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Modern Platform King Bed With Brick-Style Headboard

Modern Platform King Bed With Brick-Style Headboard

This DIY project was first completed when a couple wanted a king size, vintage mid-century modern bed but couldn’t find what they were looking for. They wanted something that was either vintage or new, but every option they found was either the wrong size or was out of their price range. DIY it is! The platform design is very modern while the decorative headboard and legs are very much mid-century modern inspired. [DIY Candy]

Modern Minimalist Platform Bed

Modern Minimalist Platform Bed

This minimalist platform bed is a good option for both beginning DIY’ers and modern design enthusiasts alike. Leave the wood unfinished for a more natural feel or stain it to give a darker, more masculine feel to your space. [No Glitter No Glory]

DIY Modern Plywood Platform Bed

Crafted entirely out of plywood you can find at just about any hardware store, this modern bed features an eye-catching cutout headboard and attached nightstands. The sunken in bed design adds a unique twist to this bed frame. [Chris Salomone on YouTube]

Platform Bed With Attached Nightstands

Simplicity and functionality meet in this DIY modern bed from Modern Builds. The minimalist headboard and matching nightstands pair well with the mid-century modern inspired legs. This bed is also made out of plywood, making it an affordable alternative to store-bought modern beds. [Modern Builds on YouTube]

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