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Purple’s Picks: Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Wake Up, Little Susie. When you finally rise out of bed in the morning, your feet deserve more than the harsh reality of a cold slippery floor. Luckily, it’s easy to protect your toes with any one of our top picks for mid-century modern rugs.

Shag & Flokati Mid-Century Modern Rugs

If loving a good shag is wrong, we don’t want to be right. When it comes to comfortable mid-century modern designs, these plush carpets will leave your feet dancing for days.

Mid-Century Style Paired with Comfort

mid-century modern shag rug

Between its visible softness and unfussy pattern, this shaggy mid-century modern rug begs to play a supportive role to the rest of your favorite furniture. [Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Design]

Casablanca Sands Mid-Century Rug

Casablanca Sands Mid-Century Rug

Mid-century modern design centers around clean lines and a hint of frivolity when it comes to color. Lucky for us, this vintage mid-century modern shag rug offers a healthy dose of both. [Green Body + Green Home]

Natural White Flokati Rug

Natural White Flokati Rug

Feeling extra luxurious? Invest in a mid-century modern inspired flokati rug in a neutral color. [Etsy/FlokatiShag]

Kilim Mid-Century Modern Rugs

When it comes to mid-century modern design, these rugs are ‘kilim’ the game. A “kilim” is a flat-woven carpet or rug made in Turkey, Kurdistan, and neighboring areas, but the rich colors and patterns of these rugs have made them a top choice for mid-century modern enthusiasts around the globe.

Chic and Trendy Mid-Century Modern Rug

Chic and Trendy Mid-Century Modern Rug

Perfect in pastel, this mid-century modern kilim rug pairs beautifully with crisp white bedding and warm wood tones. [DigsDigs]

Mid-Century Kilim Rug Inspiration at a Fraction of the Price

Mid-Century Kilim Rug Inspiration

Brittni of Paper & Stitch topped off her bedroom makeover by using a clever hack to create a kilim-inspired area rug at a fraction of the normal price. [Paper & Stitch]

Abstract Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Leave the hammer, nails, and level in the toolbox! With these abstract mid-century modern rugs, you can have your very own art installation without ever hanging a single picture. The best part? No need to worry about patching up holes in the wall the next time you move.

Abstract Rug Tapestry in the Style of Joan Miró

Abstract Rug Tapestry in the Style of Joan Miró

Abstract forms in vivid colors playfully interact in this 1960s mid-century modern rug. [1stDibs]

Mid-Century Modernist Abstract Rug

Mid-Century Modernist Abstract Rug

They say the best art makes you feel something, and this abstract mid-century modern rug makes us feel like having breakfast (sunnyside up eggs, anyone?). [1stDibs]

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Rugs

If you want pure authenticity in your mid-century modern design, sweeping up a rug from the actual era is the way to go. These beauties may come with a bit of sticker shock, but the instant coolness factor they add to any room is priceless.

Vintage Mid-Century Moroccan Rug

Vintage Mid-Century Moroccan Rug

This vintage mid-century rug features a colorful geometric design in pinks, blues, and browns on a natural-wool background, making it neutral enough to pair with many different styles and colors of furniture. [1stDibs]

Vintage Swedish Flat-Weave Rug by Ida Rydelius

Vintage Swedish Flat-Weave Rug by Ida Rydelius

Chocolate isn’t the only thing the Swedes excel at creating. This vintage Swedish rug pairs craftsmanship with mid-century modern flavor, using a geometric pattern with pops of color that keep it interesting without being distracting. [1stDibs]

What Makes a Rug Mid-Century Modern Anyway?

From the 1940s-1970s, designers began to focus on the clean lines and dynamic color palette that we now associate with mid-century modern style. For textiles, space-age colors such as bright red, gold, blue and green began to pop up as a way to provide depth and contrast against the simplistic and unfussy furniture style of the times.

Most mid-century modern rugs feature rich colors and/or a geometric pattern, but these are just guidelines. A good mid-century modern rug should complement the furniture being featured without distracting from the overall vibe of the room.

How to Clean a Rug

You’ve found the perfect mid-century modern rug to complete your abode, but how the heck do you clean it for years to come? This simple tutorial will keep you saying “oooh!” instead of “eww!” over your new floor decor.

Remember, no matter how plush the rug is, no one likes to sleep on the floor. Be sure to check out Purple’s Picks for our favorite mid-century modern beds!

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