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Purple’s Picks: Mid-Century Modern Dressers

Whether you rock a slim, grey suit or a bright Chanel one, don’t store your stunning mid-mod styles in a dowdy dresser.

The classic lines of mid-century modern clothing belong in one of these—our picks for the top mid-mod dressers around.

Custom Mid-Century Modern Dressers

The enterprising makers of Etsy create incredible homages to mid-century modern style with 21st-century tools.

Mid-Century Modern Teak Dresser

Mid-Century Modern Teak Dresser

Tapered legs, clean lines, and architectural design. Yep, that’s mid-century modern for you. [Etsy/Circa60]

Mid-Century Modern “Don Draper” Dresser

mid century modern don draper dresser

The etched lines on the front do indeed make this a place Don Draper would be happy to lay his skinny ties. [Etsy/DresserUpper]

Modern Scandinavian Chest of Drawers

Modern Scandinavian Chest of Drawers

The clean lines of mid-century modern link up with the minimalist look of Scandinavian design in this custom dresser. [Etsy/OakStudioDesigns]

Mid-Century Modern Walnut Dresser

Mid-Century Modern Walnut Dresser

Dark stain brings out the gorgeous color of the wood in this dresser. Mid-century modern design was all about highlighting the beauty of natural materials. [Etsy/thomasjcollection]

Mid-Century Danish Modern Dresser

Mid-Century Danish Modern Dresser

This design is so light, it seems to be resting on a cradle. [Etsy/WestCoastModernLA]

What Makes a Dresser Mid-Century Modern Anyway?

As construction boomed after World War II, architects and furniture designers wanted a new look for these new homes. Many turned to nature for inspiration. They saw beauty in clean lines and organic materials. The goal? Create a link between the environment outside the home and the decor within it.

Mid-century modern dressers are made from wood, rather than man-made materials like plastic or steel. Many feature architectural details on the faces or handles—diamond shapes were especially popular.

Tapered legs are found on nearly all mid-century modern dressers. One easy way to give your dresser a mid-mod vibe is to replace the existing legs with tapered ones.

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Dressers

These pieces held the actual clothes of your mid-mod forebears. Designers of the time shined a spotlight on the beauty of dark, natural wood.

Rare Mid-Century Modern Armoire Dresser by Lane

Rare Mid-Century Modern Armoire Dresser by Lane

Look at that gorgeous wood. It’s bulky, but the tapered legs make it look a lot lighter. [1stdibs]

Mid-Century Modern Highboy Dresser With Cane Doors

Mid-Century Modern Highboy Dresser With Cane Doors

Mid-century modern designers loved finding ways to incorporate natural materials—cane was an innovative way to mix textures and colors without resorting to manufactured plastics. [1stdibs]

Albert Parvin Style Sculptural Diamond Pull Walnut Chest Dresser

Albert Parvin Style Sculptural Diamond Pull Walnut Chest Dresser

The sculpted wood and natural geometry of the diamond pulls make this a perfect fit in any mid-mod bedroom. [1stdibs]

Tall Mid-Century Modern Armoire

Tall Mid-Century Modern Armoire

True mid-century modern enthusiasts might consider an armoire rather than a dresser. Back then, most of the clothes people wore had to be hung, rather than folded. If you’re committed to a suits-and-dresses lifestyle, this retro-style furniture might just be your jam. [1stdibs]

DIY Mid-Century Modern Dressers

Click through to buy any of those beauties? Yeah, they ain’t cheap. Mid-century modern dressers star high-quality wood and lots of it. If your budget is in the hundreds, rather than the thousands, DIY is your best option.

Mid-Century Dresser Makeover (With Homemade Wood Stain)

Many mid-century dressers suffered ill-treatment at the hands of their thoughtless owners. These can often be found for bargain prices at garage sales. Get your hands on one—then get your hands dirty refinishing it. This video shows you how. [YouTube/MrDIYDork]

DIY Mid-Century Modern Dresser | IKEA Hack

Joanna Spicer shows you how to turn one of IKEA’s ugliest dressers into a mid-mod stunner. Total cost? Around 200 bucks. [YouTube/Joanna Spicer]

How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Dresser – Woodworking

No small project, but look at the result. Popular YouTuber Chris Salomone takes you through the steps. [YouTube/Chris Salomone]

Looking for more mid-century modern bedroom design inspiration? Check out our top mid-century modern nightstands.

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