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Make Comfort™: True Comfort by True Innovation

A Foundation of Innovation

It all started in 1989 with two brothers and one dream: to meaningfully improve lives through innovation. During a fly fishing trip in the Rockies, Tony and Terry Pearce decided to go into business utilizing Tony’s 13 years of experience in advanced aerospace materials and Terry’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing, design, and project management. They began inventing high-tech, lightweight carbon fiber sporting goods and wheelchairs, but quickly learned that what wheelchair users needed was better cushioning to help prevent and cure pressure sores.

In 1995, the Pearces had their first breakthrough for the technology that is now in every Purple® Mattress. They invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer®, that when arranged in a geometric column pattern, instantly reduced pressure and fully support broad areas. After decades of perfecting through R&D and licensing, this technology would be known world-wide as the Purple Grid™.

What is the Purple Grid™? The next evolution of sleep.

You may wonder how a grid, of all things, can be comfortable. It’s the perfect combination of geometry, physics, and just a hint of magic. By combining 20% flexible gel + 80% air into the optimal structure, the Grid can instantly conform to your unique body and movement. It works for every body and every type of sleeper.

The Grid columns relax under high-pressure areas, like, your hips and shoulders, so you get the soft comfort you crave, and they stand firm under broad areas, like your back, so it fully supports your natural shape. The open columns of the Grid create absolute airflow and are naturally temperature-neutral so your bed doesn’t trap heat or sink throughout the night.

The only problem:
It was so expensive to make, it wasn’t affordably accessible to the everyday sleepers it was made to help. After three years and millions of dollars, the Pearce Brothers finally invented Mattress Max™ — the only machine on the planet that could make the Purple Grid™ in the size and quantity needed for mass mattress production.

Building on a Legacy

On September 23, 2015, Purple launched their first Kickstarter Campaign. Funding at almost 700 percent of the original goal, the launch confirmed what the Pearce Brothers already knew: the sleepy world of mattresses was ripe for disruption.

Since then, we have rapidly grown, proudly building on our foundation of comfort innovation in the bedroom and beyond, as well as building strong partnerships with brands with the same dedication to sleep health and personal wellbeing.

With a line of Purple Mattresses and an ever-growing collection of premium comfort products (e.g., pillows, sheets and bedding, bed frames, seat cushions, pet beds, and more), you’ll always be able to find what you need to get into your comfort zone.

The Mattress Invented and Made in the USA

Purple is based in Utah USA — not just our marketing and administration, but our Innovation Lab, as well as our manufacturing and fulfillment facilities. Because we own the entire process from concept to shipment, we are uniquely positioned to invent, innovate, create, and produce premium comfort products for every body, everywhere.

More importantly, it allows us the flexibility to listen to our customers and communities to create what they need to stay truly comfortable. That’s what true innovation means to us.

Innovating True Comfort for All

Comfort means more to us than simply feeling good. Comfort is knowing you have the support you need and the relief you seek. It means you can sleep a little easier, knowing somebody’s got your back. There’s nothing we take more seriously, especially when the times are decidedly less than comfortable. The flexibility we create by being vertically integrated allows us to innovate solutions to meet the needs of our customers, communities, and families.

Comfort for Our Employees

We love our Purple family and do everything we can to make them comfortable, not just at work, but in life. Aside from an ever-growing portfolio of competitive benefits and work perks, we seek to provide a sustainable work-life balance and security in the face of uncertainty.

When the global pandemic of COVID-19 swept across the nation, Purple’s first priority was our employees; their safety and securing continued employment was top of mind. As with many companies. We proactively protect our employees and sanitize all workspaces, and many of our employees have been working from home. We contracted an industrial cleaning service, certified by the Utah State University Institute for Antiviral Research, to sanitize our manufacturing facility regularly during this pandemic. And, when essential face masks were added to our line up of products, our employees were the first to receive them at no cost.

Comfort for Our Customers

We’ve been mission-driven from day one to create top-quality products for our customers, and when needs shift, we can shift with them. When the country was hunkering down at home to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we were able to shift our focus to the products needed to get comfortable all around the house. We also added face masks for our customers to Take Comfort™ with them as they ventured out for essential errands.

Comfort for Our Communities

We are proud to serve our communities when and where we can. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to dedicate 10% or our net proceeds for a time to building desperately-needed beds to relieve shortages in various care centers across the United States.

Comfort for Our Heroes

There are a lot of people who work tirelessly to care for and create comfort for those they serve. We want to say thank you by offering a ten percent discount to active, veteran, and reservist military members and their families, healthcare professionals, first responders, teachers, and students. Take Comfort™ and rest easy on the Purple Grid™ that supports you and takes the pressure off. Thank you all, for everything you do (and will do) to keep us and our communities safe and well. Know that we’ve always got your back.

Stay Comfortable

At Purple, we pledge to never stop innovating — to invent what you can’t live without (even if you never knew you needed it), and to create ways to bring true comfort to every life we touch. We promise to support you, provide relief, and to always have your back as we live up to our values:

Improve Lives

We are mission-driven by our commitment to innovating real comfort solutions that meaningfully help every body feel and live better.

Invent a Better Way

We are a product innovation company at our core. After decades of proving it with radical comfort inventions, we know there is always a better way because we create it.

Make it Amazing

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing extraordinarily. We represent better than the best and hold everything we do to that ever-rising bar.

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