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How to Honor Your Hero During Quarantine

Across the country, individuals, families, schools and communities are having to think outside the box, and inside CDC requirements, when it comes to Teacher Appreciation week and Mother’s Day. But because this year is such a special one (enter sarcastic tone here), we’ve partnered with some of our friends at Brands X Better like Snowe, Rhone, Aura, and Alala to celebrate all the heroes, even the ones without a national holiday. Do you have a nurse, teacher, veteran, parent, hairdresser, or dog walker that deserves some love quarantine-style? We’ve got you covered with these 12 Quarantine-Approved ways to show that love at a distance.  

Organize a “Thank You Parade” 

This may take a smidgen of planning but contact the loved ones in your hero’s life and set a time to drive past their house with decorated cars and signs. Honk the horn and wave and yell. You can even throw candy out the car window to your hero!  

Chalk your Hero’s Walk 

This simple idea makes a big splash with little cost and only a little time. Get sneaky and decorate your hero’s driveway or sidewalk while they’re gone or sleeping. Write positive messages, inside jokes, or pictures! If your hero has a large circle of people that would like to contribute, assign time slots, or even days, so your hero can see the ever-changing and growing designs made in their front yard.  

Host a Hero Film Festival 

Ensemble everyone in your hero’s life into making a quick video thanking your hero. You can send these to the hero spontaneously throughout the day as little surprises, Or if your hero is a bit Type-A, schedule sometime to have him/her sit down and watch all the videos uploaded in a private YouTube channel. You can get even more into it by recording the hero’s reactions during the showing. 

Create a Virtual Vacation 

If your hero is anything like me, I bet they are itching to go on vacation. What’s the next best thing to do while stuck in lockdown? Host a virtual vacation night! Does your hero have a special affinity to Hawaii and can’t wait to go?  Send them a box of everything needed for a Hawaiin night in, like chocolate covered macadamia nuts, fake leis and a CD of ukulele music. What about a virtual vacation a little farther afield, like France? How about a fresh baked baguette with some brie, accompanied by a beret, an accordion music CD and some small French Flags.  

Give the Gift of Reading 

With May evenings turning warm and pleasant, now is the optimal time to turn to a book for some adventure. Gifting a book you know is on their wish list, or even a 30 day Audible subscription, is a perfect way to say thank you to that hero in your life who uses our quarantine time productively rather than binge-watching The Office for the 85th time.  

Send Flowers from a Local Florist 

This idea is a win-win. Local businesses need our support now more than any other time and sending flowers to our heroes through a locally owned florist is a great way to personalize a gift and say thank you. Local florists have more flexibility when it comes to designs and flower choices, so personalize a gift for the hero in your life and help a local business. 

Personalize Your Profile Picture 

Changing your profile picture to a handwritten sign with a message of appreciation is a quick and easy way to publicly thank your hero. Or even take it one step further by dressing up like them and becoming their doppelganger for a day. Just make sure it’s on a social platform where they’ll see it. Get your hero’s friends and family members in on it too to spread the love and gratitude.  

Community Ribbon 

Like the thank you parade, this idea does need some planning in order to pull it off, but the outcome is well worth it! Give ribbons out to your hero’s community in a color they’ll recognize as their own. If your hero is part of a military affiliation or school, have the colors echo the organization. You can even get creative by choosing colors of their favorite sports team, or mattress. 😉 

Gift Wine or Coffee 

Coffee and wine are the perfect gift to splurge a little extra on the hero in your life. With more relaxing mornings in without that stressful commute, and quiet evenings in to unwind, giving your hero their favorite coffee blend or pinot noir is the perfect way to show that you care.  

Self-Care Gift 

A lot of people are talking about how quarantine and isolation is increasing feelings of anxiety and depression. A self-care centric gift like a month membership to a meditation app, or a care box with candles, a bath bomb, a gratitude journal, or give the gift of sleep with a Purple Harmony Pillow or weighted eye mask. Know if your hero has wanted to learn a new skill, like finally learning that second language, or finally mastering the art of a soufflé’s? Gift them whatever they need to accomplish that! 

A Responsible Night Out (Yes! There is such a thing!) 

Drive-in movies are making a comeback because they’re a responsible way to enjoy a good movie on the big screen and there’s that mysterious pull that is movie theatre popcorn. Gift your hero with two tickets for a social-distancing approved night out! Throw in a box of their favorite candy and you’ve got yourself a perfect pairing. 


If your hero is in quarantine with their loved ones, and if they’re like me they’re going a little stir crazy with the same old routine. Help your hero change it up by treating them to a new board game or puzzleNot only will it help them connect, but it’ll help break the monotony and keep those problem-solving skills sharp.  

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