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Hannah’s Hero

Hannah and Ashlei have been friends for over 10 years. Ashlei is in her 30s and uses a wheelchair. She manages life with physical disabilities that cause intense pain and make it very difficult for her to sleep. 

But Ashlei would never be described as someone who is helpless. Hannah has nominated Ashlei as her hero because “she is one of the most badass people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.” Hannah writes:

This woman came to visit me when I lived in a second floor apartment and using her arms and the handrail, CLIMBED the stairs and back down every day that she stayed with me. This is someone who is unable to stand/walk — in other words, she is incredibly tenacious and driven. 

I have known Ashlei for 10 years now, and she has been working on achieving her AA degree since I met her. Urgent medical issues, like surgeries and illnesses, have caused her to have to drop out and restart courses more times than I can count — each time taking a devastating emotional toll on my friend. Tomorrow, she is submitting her final assignment and will have (more than) earned her degree, but she won’t be able to experience graduation due to the COVID-19 situation. This is devastating to her after working so hard for so long.

Not only is Ashlei a total badass, she is the best friend anyone could hope for. She is generous, even when it leaves her lacking resources. I’ve seen her pay the bills for others when she barely had enough for herself. She’s incredible.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, these issues have been exacerbated by longer waits with personal aid care and other disruptions. Because Ashlei doesn’t have access to a comfortable bed, she has been sleeping on her couch for the last two years since it reclines and doesn’t exacerbate her pain as much. 

After Hannah herself experienced more comfort when she started sleeping on a Purple Mattress, she thought it could help. So for Hero Week we are celebrating Hannah’s hero and gifting her a Purple Mattress and PowerBase! We hope Ashlei can enjoy her life as a college graduate from the comfort of her own bed. 

You and your hero can win your own Purple Sleep Suite and many more goodies from Snowe Home, Rhone, Aura Frames and Alala! Share your story here to enter to win!

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