Full vs Double Bed: Are They Really The Same?

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September 9, 2022
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Getting the right amount of sleep is essential – if you don’t, it could lead to chronic health problems. The best way to guarantee a good night’s rest is to get the right bed, but choosing the right one can be confusing with the many different mattress sizes.

It’s especially confusing when choosing between a full bed vs a double bed. In this guide, we answer common questions about these two types of beds and provide information that can help you find the best one for you.

Is A Full Bed The Same As A Double Bed?

Yes, a full-size bed is the same as a double-size bed, with dimensions of 54 inches in width by 75 inches in height. It is bigger than a twin-size mattress, which is the standard size for single adults. Meanwhile, a double-size bed or full bed is a common mattress size for couples.

While the terms “full” and “double” are interchangeable, most mattress companies label their products as “full-size mattresses”. For example, Purple has a wide range of double-size beds, including the standard 54 inches by 75 inches to XL-size beds. 

What’s The Difference Between A Full vs Double Bed?

There is no difference in bed size between the two, dimension and price-wise. In terms of comfort, it depends more so on the material of the mattress rather than the size. 

That being said, here are some things to consider when getting a full/double bed:


A full-size mattress is 54 inches by 75 inches, making it a popular mattress size for those in college dorms, studio apartments, or with a limited bedroom size. It best fits rooms measuring 10 feet by 10 feet as it leaves enough room for furniture and to walk around.

For master bedrooms and larger spaces, you might want to fill up the room with a larger mattress, such as a queen-size bed.


Buying a bed smaller than your height can be harmful to your health because it doesn’t promote proper sleeping posture. Standard mattress sizes fit those of average height well, but taller people may find these too short to be comfortable at night. A better option for taller people is the XL variation of a full-size mattress, providing five extra inches of length. 


A general rule of thumb is that the smaller the mattress size, the cheaper it is. The typical price range of a full mattress is around $1200-3500. 

Purple’s Full Purple Mattress is the cheapest full-size mattress in its collection, at $1200. It comes with the proprietary GelFlex material and comfort foam layers. 


Because a full bed and a double bed are the same thing, differences in comfort come down to differences in mattress material. For example, a memory foam mattress is neither too soft nor too firm because of its heat absorption so it’s the perfect mattress type for those who want to collapse in their bed after a long day and sleep the tiredness away.

Another example is the Purple Grid which adapts to your body shape, giving it a comfortable feel in your sleep, especially when you’re an active sleeper. Then there’s a hybrid mattress, which is a mix-and-mash of different kinds of mattress materials guaranteed to suit your comfort preferences.

Pros And Cons Of A Full Bed


  • This mattress size provides ample room to move around and fit small sleepers like children or pets.
  • It is ideal for single adult sleepers that want more personal sleeping space.
  • It fits most bedroom spaces like studio apartments, college dorms, and bedrooms with at least 10x10 feet of room space.


  • This mattress size is big enough to fit two adults, but it can feel tight and may not leave enough personal sleeping space for both people.
  • Single tall sleepers (over 6 feet) are better off with a full XL.
  • It isn’t ideal for smaller bedroom spaces as there won’t be enough room to move or add other furniture.

Pros And Cons Of A Double Bed

Because a double bed and a full bed are the same thing, a double naturally has the same pros and cons. 

Who Should Use A Full Or Double Bed?

The type of people that benefits the most from a full or double bed is single adult sleepers. Children can also sleep in these types of beds, but it’s more recommended that they sleep on single mattresses to avoid accidents such as falling off the bed. 

Meanwhile, a queen mattress or king-size mattress is better for adult couples because of the additional room.

Which Bed Is Best For Me: A Full Or Double Bed?

As we’ve established throughout this article, a full and a double bed are the same thing. The question, then, isn’t about which of the two you should choose, but rather if it’s the best option for your circumstances. 

If you are sleeping alone, live in a studio apartment or college dorm, and have enough bedroom space for you and your things, then a full/double bed should meet your sleep needs.

But if you want a wide range of options to choose from, here is a quick rundown of other size mattresses to consider: 

  • Twin mattresses (38” x 75”): This is the best choice for children and one of the best bed sizes for teenagers. 
  • Queen mattresses (60” x 80”): Queen-size mattresses are a good option for single sleepers, multiple sleepers, or those who sleep with pets or children. 
  • Olympic queen mattresses (66” x 80”): An Olympic queen is the same as a queen mattress but 6 inches wider. This is a good option for a taller adult couple because it provides more legroom and comfort.
  • King mattresses (76” x 80”): King beds are the perfect mattress size for an adult couple or families because they’re big enough to accommodate all parties comfortably.
  • California king mattresses (72” x 84”): These mattresses are considered the largest mattress sizes in the industry.


To sum it up, there’s no real difference between a full and a double bed. Their names are different, but the bed dimensions, benefits, disadvantages, and number of sleepers they can accommodate are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About Full vs Double Bed

Are double beds too short for adults?

Double beds aren’t necessarily too short for adults, but they may be too short for tall people. If you’re on the taller side, opt for the XL variation of your preferred bed size.

Is a full equivalent to a double bed?

Yes, a full bed is the same as a double bed in terms of dimensions, number of sleepers, comfort, etc.

How do you know if you need a bigger bed?

Whether you need a bigger bed depends on your personal preference, height, and other factors. For example, if you have extra space in your room, get a wider bed. If you and your partner are tall, you can get a larger mattress with an XL variation.