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Purple’s Picks: Farmhouse Dressers

Stop stuffing your favorite summer shirts into that overflowing closet! Take back your bedroom organization with our picks for the best farmhouse dressers.

Distressed White Wood Farmhouse Dresser

Distressed White Wood Farmhouse Dresser

This distressed, white wood dresser is the perfect farmhouse pick for a shabby chic bedroom. Built out of solid mahogany, this dresser features three dovetail style drawers with simple, classic hardware. If you want to add a bit more decorative flair to this piece, there are a variety of options in hand-painted artwork designs. [Bramble Home Store]

Farmhouse Style Dresser With Barn Door

Farmhouse Style Dresser With Barn Door

Complete with four drawers and a sliding barn door, this distressed wood farmhouse dresser has plenty of rustic charm. The solid wood top contrasts well with the weathered white finish and is completed with simple industrial hardware. [RusticShop1 on Etsy]

Two-Tone Distressed Farmhouse Dresser

This antique-inspired farmhouse dresser features a subtle distressed finish and decorative hardware. Every aspect of this dresser is thoughtfully designed, all the way to the felt-lined interior. Crafted out of solid pine wood, this dresser comes equipped with three large drawers with drawer stoppers. [RST Brands]

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Dresser With Ornate Details

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Dresser With Ornate Details

While farmhouse dressers don’t typically feature ornate details, this shabby chic piece from Etsy is an exception. The creamy white distressed look pairs well with the solid wood top to create a farmhouse-inspired one-of-a-kind piece. [ARayofSunlight on Etsy]

Cooper Distressed Wood Dresser

Cooper Distressed Wood Dresser

For a more elegant farmhouse look, consider this dramatic dresser from Magnolia Home. Featuring six large drawers and traditional wood details, this dresser offers plenty of space for all your garments. [Magnolia Home]

X-Brace Farmhouse Dresser

X-Brace Farmhouse Dresser

The X-brace details on the side of this dresser are what really provide it with some farmhouse flair. Distressed wood and simple, minimalist hardware complete the look. [Franklin & Ben]

Chippy Red Farmhouse Dresser

Chippy Red Farmhouse Dresser

This one of a kind chippy-paint finished dresser is a true antique with its construction dating back to 1909. Brought back to life with a shabby chic finish, this farmhouse dresser features three large drawers and could be used in the bedroom or living room. [Thepaintedcowshop on Etsy]

What Makes a Dresser Farmhouse Anyway?

Traditional in design with little in the way of decorative details, farmhouse-style furniture is inspired by a simpler time. Utilizing solid wood and minimalist, industrial hardware, farmhouse dressers are incredibly functional with large, deep drawers. Built to stand the test of time, farmhouse dressers are usually crafted out of solid hardwood and feature distressed details to add a rustic feel.

Distressed or Aged Wood

One of the most important elements of farmhouse design is distressed wood. That being said, distressed wood doesn’t mean a lack of quality. In fact, the look of distressed wood indicates the dresser has been used for a number of decades, and will continue to be used for years to come.

Square Hardwood Designs

High-quality farmhouse dressers are generally made of solid hardwood. Farmhouse dressers are typically square in design and feature sharp angles, though you may come across a design with the occasional curved edge for a softer feel.

Functional Design With Deep Dresser Drawers

Farmhouse dressers will typically feature anywhere from three to six drawers, all of which offer plenty of storage for your essentials.

How to Distress Wood for a Weathered Look

If you have an old piece of furniture that you want to try a hand at distressing yourself, consider this tutorial!

Two-Tone Farmhouse Dresser

If you like the look of a two-tone dresser and are feeling crafty, consider this tutorial that utilizes layered paint to create a distressed finish.

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Dresser

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Dresser

Believe it or not, this gorgeous dresser wasn’t purchased at a fancy furniture boutique! Offering plenty of storage and all the farmhouse vibes you could want for your space, this dresser is made of plywood and looks like a million bucks! [Shanty 2 Chic]

Looking for more farmhouse inspiration? Check out our picks for farmhouse nightstands.

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