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Can We Guess How Old Your Mattress Is? Take This Quiz!

Forget Goldilocks’ dilemma of hard, soft, or average for a minute.

Whether your bed is brand spankin’ new, older than you, or somewhere in between could have just as much affect on your sleep, and we all know how important sleep is! Having an age-appropriate bed can not only help you sleep happier, but could significantly improve your waking hours too!

So how often should you replace your mattress? You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, shouldn’t you know what that time is doing to your overall health?

Take this quiz and let us dazzle you with science and our psychic abilities!

Time for a new mattress?

Whether you’re sleeping on an old piece of lumpy fluff (flumpy…?), or just feel like you could be getting more from your shut-eye, it’s important to find the right mattress for you. In addition, understanding how to dispose of your mattress.

If you’re upgrading anyway, let’s do away with those flumpy pillows too. The wrong pillow could counteract the benefits of your shiny new mattress—make sure you get the best pillow that nestles your noggin and keeps your spine aligned!