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Brooke’s Hero

The Dear Jack Foundation reached out to Purple in February about Brooke. Brooke was initially diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2017 when she was 27 years old. Now a warrior of 30 years old she has a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer that is terminal. Brooke is the mother of two small children: a 4-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. Dear Jack Foundation asked us to fulfill her LifeList request of a king size mattress because “I’ve been thinking about our situation as things progress for me, and I become bedridden. We have a queen mattress right now, but I think a king size bed could be special and good for our family. Just a place for the 4 of us to be together, with a little more wiggle room, when I’m not able to get out of bed as much.” Purple was honored to step in and help Brooke gain that cuddle time in a bigger bed for her family. 

As Purple kicked off Hero Week, we immediately thought of Brooke and the hero she is an what heroes she might have in her life as well. Brooke quickly responded that her mom is her hero. She said, “I’m nominating my mom for Purple’s hero week. Over 20 years ago, she lost a child, my sister, to cancer. Then when I was in high school, she began her own battle with cancer, one that has stopped and started 4 times now. Since I was myself diagnosed, she has also been dealing with that on and off for herself. Her most recent diagnosis of triple negative meta plastic breast cancer is a scary and aggressive one. As she prepares to lose another child, I feel that she is so deserving of this! She’s been dealt a tough hand and continues to show up and do her very best. It’s awesome and I love her.”  

In our eyes, there is no one more deserving the title of hero than Brooke’s mom. With us honoring heroes this week, we are so thrilled to honor her. As submissions have been pouring in throughout the week, it’s solidified that heroes come in many different forms. Along with our partners at Snowe, Rhone, Aura, and Alala, we are so excited to honor them all this week and give them (and you!) a chance to win a Purple Suite! 

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