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13 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Return in a Purple Bed

Tax season is here! And for many of us that means a happy little influx of extra cash sitting in our bank accounts.

Now, we could come up with an infinite amount of things to do with our tax return, but it’s important to ask yourself this question: “What do I really need?”

Here’s the answer: Everyone needs to sleep. It’s science. The human body can survive longer without food than it can without sleep. So when looking for something useful to spend your tax refund on, sleep is a pretty good bet.

Purple is one of the greatest revolutions in sleep technology since the pillow (seriously…what did they do before pillows?). Here are 13 reasons why you should invest your tax return in a Purple™ Bed this year.

1. The Purple® Bed lasts for 10+ years

For decades now, mattress companies have been thinking of ways to save money on productions costs. Many have found they can do that by putting lower grade materials into their mattresses. What happens when you use a poorly built knife to cook with every day? It breaks. Why would you expect anything different from a poorly built mattress? Purple is designed to be used and used often and for a long time. How long should a mattress last? A long time! Even after a decade of use, you still may be able to sleep on your Purple like it was your first night.

2. It was developed by an actual rocket scientist

It’s not rocket science for everyone else, but for us, it really is! Prior to his 30 cushioning patents (15 of which are for Purple), Purple founder and lead designer Tony Pearce spent 13 years working with advanced aerospace materials which included working as an engineer for a rocket motor company and with NASA on the space shuttle redesign. So no, we didn’t just throw Purple together and hope for the best. We made it with science.

3. It took over 20 years to perfect

When we say we made Purple with science, we mean we did it the way scientists usually do things. Very slowly and very deliberately. When Tony Pearce decided to get to get together with his brother Terry (a well respected manufacturing engineer) it was the perfect storm. These two science geeks knew there had to be something better than what current mattress designs had to offer. So they put their heads together, went into their labs, and 20 years later, they came out with Purple as the answer to sleep industry’s problems.

4. Purple solves many problems any other mattress has ever had

Speaking of solving problems, Purple doesn’t just solve problems with the mattress industry. That’s not what it’s really designed to do. Purple is designed to solve YOUR sleep problems. Are you a side sleeper and have hip pain? Do you have shoulder pain or neck pain from a lack of mattress support? What about back pain? Are you injured or disabled and have trouble getting in and out of bed? Do your joints just not work like they used to and your mattress seems to make things worse? Don’t worry everyone, Purple has your back (literally). It was designed so that every type of sleeper could benefit from it. (Except for sleepwalkers…maybe we’ll make Purple slippers one day for you.)

5. The revolutionary Hyper-Elastic Polymer™

Hyper-elastic polymer... so stretchy!

Ok you get it, it’s sciency. But what exactly makes Purple™ so amazing that you would spend your tax return on it? The answer is hyper-elastic polymer. This is what Tony and Terry spent all those years perfecting. It’s not gel. It’s not foam. It’s a polymer that is super-stretchy, super-comfy, super-supportive, and just down right super in every way.

6. The innovative grid structure

Hyper-elastic polymer conforms to you

Tony and Terry took that super-sweet hyper-elastic polymer and organized it in a grid formation so that its walls fold and pass weight to the conjoining walls. It then instantly releases when weight is removed. This guarantees a minimal amount of pressure at sensitive spots and maximum support at alignment spots; a balance of weight distribution across the whole body.

7. Purple is built for every body type

Unlike beds that are too firm for shoulder sleepers and too soft for back sleepers, Purple™ is right for just about everyone. And to prove it, we created the “egg test.” This test compared Purple™ with leading brands to see which mattress could withstand the most weight without breaking four soft eggs. Sure enough, Purple™ won with flying colors, because our Purple Grid system is designed to fit your needs, no matter what. Watch our video and see for yourself!

8. Purple is temperature-neutral

Night sweats. Everyone hates them. There isn’t a worse feeling in the world than waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. That’s where Purple’s™ grid design comes in. The columns and the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ work together to promote free air flow, keeping the entire mattress temperature-neutral all night long. No more night sweats, no more fans needed to keep you cool, just the ideal sleeping temperature all night long.

9. Purple never develops a body indent

Side sleeping - good alignment

You can probably guess why it doesn’t develop a body indent over time. But just in case, we’ll remind you again. It’s because the grid layout of Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ distributes weight more evenly than any other common mattress.

10. Purple is made from non-toxic, food-contact-grade material

With all of the scientific research that went into the development of Purple, I bet you thought we completely forgot about the environment. Well, you thought wrong. Memory foam and other types of mattresses contain VOCs and other potentially harmful chemicals. Purple is made with none of those. Additionally, we do our best to recycle materials as often as possible so that nothing is left to waste.

11. Purple makes purchasing simple

Besides taking the pressure off your back and shoulders, we also take the pressure off your wallet so that you can buy the best mattress for your needs such as a great hypoallergenic mattress. Purple has no sales people to pester you to make a quick purchase. We have no store with terrible fluorescent lights to give you a headache. We let you shop online at your convenience and when you decide to give it a try (risk-free for 100 nights), your Purple® Bed will arrive directly to your door in a tightly-rolled Purple™ package. No more dealing with sleazy sales guys in over-priced showrooms.

12. “100-Night Prove-Us-Right” Guarantee

We take our no-pressure policy one step further with our “100-Night Prove-Us-Right” guarantee. You invest your tax return in a Purple® Bed, you try it out, and if you decide you don’t like it, we’ll come pick it up and refund you 100% of the money you spent with us. That promise is good for 100 nights on any Purple® Bed, but we seriously doubt you’ll ever want to get rid of it once you try it. Got the guts to prove us right?

13. Literally millions of people are catching on

Not too long ago, we entered into the glorious realm of internet fame when our video went viral and got over 6 million views in a little under a month. As a result, people everywhere started ordering their very own Purple™ beds and are raving about how much they love it.

“My first night, and every night since, have been the best sleeps I’ve had. It is insanely comfortable.” – Jessica

“Purple has saved me so much sleep and for that reason I don’t want another mattress that’s not Purple ever again.” – Janet

“The first night of sleeping on this mattress was wonderful. This is truly a unique sleep experience in large part because of the Smart-Comfort Grid. You get a sort of floating sensation and the grid conforms to all your pressure points while providing support where you need it.” – Ben

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If you’re looking to make an investment with your tax return this year, why not invest in something that will actually 1) give you your money’s worth and 2) help you live a happier, more fulfilling life every day?

To learn more about how Purple can help you, click here.