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12 Ways to Thank Your Hero from Home

This week, we are dedicating time to thinking about our heroes. From nurses to teachers to mothers, this week gives us the opportunity to reflect on those special people in our lives who have always been there for us or helped pull us up when we’re down and out.  

Even though we are far apart from most of our loved ones, there are a lot of ways to let our heroes know we care about them. This week is about giving back to those who have given us so much.  

Here are a few ways you can thank your heroes while continuing to keep your family and community safe.  

1. Write a colorful window message

Walks around the neighborhood have become a common pastime for those sheltering at home. If you’ve got a front-facing window, putting up a simple thank you message is a great way to show your appreciation for those on the frontlines of this pandemic. Better yet, spend some of your spare time crafting a colorful display that will grab the attention of any and all walkers by. This creative display of gratitude is sure to brighten anyone’s day.  

2. Donate meals through groups like Off Their Plate

There are a number of groups that have stepped up to provide services to frontline workers. Off Their Plate is one such organization that is dedicated to supporting local economies and providing nutritious meals to healthcare workers and impacted shift employees. Through their website, you can donate just a few bucks to give a meal to someone who is putting their own safety at risk to serve others. 

3. Social distance and stay home, even when you don’t feel sick

Believe it or not, one of the best ways you can support your heroes and show your gratitude is by continuing safe social distancing practices. Although some economies are starting to open back up, we can still choose to follow best practices to ensure the safety of ourselves and others when we go out. Don’t take unnecessary risks, even if you don’t feel sick. By continuing to act in the best interest of the whole community, we are giving our heroes the best thank you of all. 

4. Shop on Brands x Better

Brands x Better is a coalition of eCommerce companies that have dedicated a portion of their proceeds to support COVID-19 relief efforts. As part of the pledge, brands also committed to supporting the health and safety of their employees and customers. A lot of brands that have joined this coalition are offering additional consumer discounts too, so when you shop there you know you’re getting the best deal and supporting brands committed to the cause. 

5. Make masks for your loved ones and heroes

The CDC has updated its guidelines to suggest that face masks should be worn whenever we go outside. And as retail doors start to reopen, many brands are looking at requiring face masks to enter the store. To make sure you and your loved ones are prepared, you can make masks easily with things you have at home. Instructions can be found online for everything from scrapy, sewing-free masks to designs that require sewing machines. If you have some time and fabric, making masks you can give to loved ones or even donate is a great way to celebrate your heroes from home.  

6. Donate toDirect Relief or the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to support giving resources and medical supplies to healthcare workers 

There are a lot of opportunities to donate dollars if you have some extra cash. Direct Relief is a non-profit that helps secure needed medical equipment for those on the frontlines and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy works to help communities that are most vulnerable during this pandemic. But, whatever cause hits home for you, there are groups making a difference. Take this time to support organizations that are serving your heroes. 

7. Offer to help people on the front lines with childcare and pet care

If you are able to offer up your time to a hero on the frontlines, you can make a real difference in their quality of life. With businesses and schools closed, caring for dependents is harder than ever. Give your hero the day off by volunteering to pet-sit or watching their kids for a day. You’d be amazed by the impact you can have by donating a little bit of your time to a hardworking hero.  

8. Donate blood or plasma

Although much of the world is focused on COVID-19 right now, there are still medical needs that have nothing to do with the pandemic. If you are healthy and able, you can save lives by taking some time to donate blood or plasma at a nearby center. This is especially important since many blood drives had to be cancelled earlier in the year and hospitals are now lacking the resources they need to save lives.  

9. Say thank you on social media

Social media is how we show off to the world. Give your hero the applause they deserve by thanking them on Instagram and Facebook. By simply writing a heartfelt post or sharing your favorite picture together on social media, you can declare to the world how much your hero means to you. Use the Purple template below to say thank you and encourage your friends to do the same!

10. Call your government representatives

As our government leaders try to figure out how to move the country forward, your voice should be heard. Especially if your hero could be affected by upcoming policies, don’t be afraid to phone your local representative and tell them what changes and policies you expect to see.  

11. Send a fun eCard

Sometimes the best way to say thank you is by tapping into one’s funny bone. Give your hero a giggle with a fun eCard! You can use a program like JibJab or Smilebox to create a quirky card set to the tune of your favorite song. These types of cards are a great way to surprise and delight your hero, even when you’re far apart.  

12. Gift your hero a great night’s sleep or cozy accessory

Studies have shown that the global pandemic has taken a toll on people’s sleep. Between the anxiety of a spreading virus and the disruption in our daily routines, people are struggling to get the sleep they need. Give your hero one of the best gifts of all by sending them a few cozy accessories to have in bed, like a cooling pillow or weighted blanket. Or, if you really feel like saying thank you, you can ship a brand new mattress right to their door! 

During Hero Week, we are taking time to dedicate special attention and appreciation to our real life MVPs. If you want to do the same, it’s easy to have an impact right from your couch! Tell us how you plan to celebrate your hero by tagging us on social media!  

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